Thu. Nov 26th, 2020

You never know when.

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My little Damsel. She never ends a call without saying”I love you”.

 Oh! My pretty little damsel whose words still linger on my mind. I always longed for her call and could give up anything to listen to her voice as her last words could calm a troubled heart. She was just seventeen when she captured my heart with those amazing words…

 It took me a while to communicate with my damsel as I was busy with work but I wondered why she did not call to check up on me as usual. So I thought it wise to call her, what a relief when I heard her voice…. I really did miss her. It was time to end the call and I anticipated the usual” I love you” but to my greatest surprise I did not get that so I demanded to know what was wrong with my little damsel,but she couldn’t talk much. I ended the call knowing she was not strong but I ended the call with ” I love you” , still no response from her.

I felt really bad after talking to her for the first time as I did not get the usual words and as a matter of fact,that night was the longest.

 At the dawn of a new day,I picked up my phone to check up on her but I heard a strange voice.

“oh Aunty Bella, your little damsel passed on at the early hour’s of today…2:30 a:m precisely, we lost her to typhoid and malaria. We did our best but all to no avail.

Heartbreaking I must say. For the first time in my life I was speechless as tears dropped profusely from my eyes. I only managed to drop the call and put myself together. I’m still in shock till date as I miss hearing that voice. I can only wish I had her here with me till date.

To be honest, we really cannot tell when we bade our last goodbyes to the ones we love so we must learn to take everyday with smiles and cherish the ones we love and care about. 
Do not end up wishing you said those words or showed that love;as a matter of fact,you have today and now to be everything lovely you would want to be tomorrow. You sincerely cannot say when. 
Do take care of yourself and never stop smiling. Please,drop a comment in the box below and kindly share this post. See you soon.

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