Thirty and not cursed.

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Hello out there…You’re welcome to my space again.
This post is an exceptional one and I urge you to read through till I fix my last full stop.
What is it about being 30 and cursed?
 You will find out my reason for making this post soon. 
Karen(Name withheld) was in deep thought one afternoon as she wouldn’t speak with anyone…what is the matter I asked; I probably can help I told her, but she sighed and said there’s no way I can help as she’s just tired of feeling cursed… Cursed? Why and who makes you feel cursed? 
She looked at me and I saw a tear drop down her chin; common girl! You can’t be doing this right now. I felt really bad for her. 
She spoke after much persuasion and felt better after our little chit chat. I know we have so many persons like Karen out there who are tired of feeling cursed simply because they have turned 30.
My darling, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. Sometimes it gets really hard for some people to find their true selves before 30(A good job, cash inflow,marriage, children, connections, etc) But it does not mean you’re cursed.
Please, be patient with yourself and don’t let anyone put you under unnecessary pressure. Wait for things to unfold gradually. 
Who even said people cannot become all they ever dreamt of becoming because they have passed 30years? 
Why do you want to kill yourself because society in a way has given some definitions to some things? Once again,I urge you to be patient and tell yourself you’re not cursed. 
Don’t forget, you’re what you constantly tell yourself… Stay strong and smile through it all..
Thirty is just a number. You will smile soon. Please,stay amazing. 
Kindly share this article to encourage someone. See you shortly. 

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