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Nkaiso Asikpo Speaks On The Poised Woman

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We had a talk time on my Whatsapp platform sometime last month and I thought it wise to share with you… Enjoy.


I’ll begin by giving a simple meaning of what the word “Poised”means. Poised simply means showing a very calm and controlled behaviour. For example, you can say:
“She remained poised throughout the entire process”.

So, being a poised woman simply means being able to pull yourself together despite what life throws at you!

-A poised woman is not easily moved by what’s happening around her. Nah, she’s got her shit together!

-Being poised is not about being “too serious”. Nah, it’s about knowing how to pull your strings without getting pulled down in the process!

-There’s something magical about being a woman and its only poised women who know how to handle their magic wand!

-They know how to cast their spell and make things happen!

-A poised woman knows when to talk and when to listen!

-She also understands what it means to trust her intuition and guts!

-A poised woman has mastered the art of pulling the trigger. She knows when to call her shots!

-A poised woman is not a common kind of woman, her life is beautiful to watch!

-As a human, she may make silly mistakes  but what makes her a poised woman is how she handles the outcome of her bad decisions!

-She isn’t the woman who pretends to know it all. Nah, she is open to learn from others.

-A poised woman is a total package of awesomeness!

-She isn’t flawless but her flaws is not the first thing you will notice when you meet her!

-A poised woman understands what it means to be flexible and she isn’t afraid to stamp her authority when need arises too!

-Elegance and intentionality are words that describe her best.

-She’s got swag and doesn’t do anything anyhow and with anybody!

-She knows what it means to stand alone and she understands the power of collaboration too.

Now, let me speak a little about who a poised woman is not! Amitabh Bachchan’s words summaries it best:

“Because you are women, people will force their thinking on you, their boundaries on you. They will tell you how to dress, how to behave, who you can meet and where you can go. Don’t live in the shadows of people’s judgement. Make your own choices in the light of your own wisdom.”

-A poised woman is not the woman who is always scared of what others will say or do. Nah, she understands that her life is hers and she is not scared of taking decisions that will put her on the right track.

I’ll conclude by giving some insights through the acronym method:

P -Practical
O -Organized
I – Intentional
S – Skillful
E -Enlightened
D -Determined


A poised woman takes practical steps towards making her life better. She isn’t the kind of woman who laments all day long without taking action. She knows how to talk and how to do!


I said earlier that a practical woman has her shit together! She knows her to put things and people in order. She’s got A1 in setting her priorities right.

In her life, there is time for everything.  She knows when to work and when it’s time to chill, she chills! She has mastered herself, knowing what works for her and what doesn’t.


You know Travis Greene’s  INTENTIONAL song right? That’s her anthem!

She knows that she must consistently place herself in a position that will cause other things to line up to her own advantage. Being strategic in all she does is always at the back of her mind.


A poised woman knows that she is not Eve in the Bible that had Adam waiting for her arrival😂.

 So, she learns how to do something with her hands or brain. Daily, she keeps looking out for ways to be more productive and financially buoyant.


She keeps on enriching her mind through learning from books, podcasts, blogs, watching her environment and every possible means.

She isn’t slow or non challant about learning, so she intentionally creates time to learn.


It was Arnold Schwarzenegger who said:

“In our society, the women who break down barriers are those who ignore limits”.

A poised woman is determined and does not give room for excuses. She takes the bull by the horn and smashes her goals so damn hard!

So ladies, are you POISED?

P -Practical
O -Organized
I – Intentional
S – Skillful
E -Enlightened
D -Determined

If your answer is yes, KEEP AT IT and if it is no, GO FOR IT.

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