Dear Ex, We Never Met.

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Young Lovers

Some people will date  you,leave you, forget you and when you make it in life,they want to familiarise and tell the world they dated you… I know you can relate.

Okay,sweet gist,one bobo I dated a long time ago,sent me a message weeks to my wedding and was telling me how he wished I was saying YES to him and not to my Husbae,I smiled but deep down I was glad he was not the one. I mean where did he go and why? You leave for no reason and come back with reasons and wishful thinking…

The next thing he said was I’m happy we are still friends, I’ll tell the world I dated you at least… You can imagine… So you will get a trophy for dating me or what? Smh…
“I think I still love my Ex”… “I miss my Ex so much…” “I wish I can just be in my Ex’s arm again…”
Tell me,is that too much to ask???

Well, I hear these stuff every now and then when people reach out to me for advice but I smile and tell them to do what’s best for them,because las las no be me go advice you something wey you already no wan take.

First of,why did the person become an Ex is one major reason they should or should not remain an Ex. So you need to visit the scenario carefully.
Bimpe(Name withheld by me) was in an abusive relationship and decided to walk out of the relationship so she can have her peace,but then again,she never stopped thinking about her Ex. Several times she thought of going back to him.

One day,she reached out to me and we talked at length,after the conversation, she decided to stay with the present person… I mean why miss someone who abuses you and your worth as a human being. My dear,you need your peace o,I mean %100 of it.
I used to think Women have more relationship ish,till I met Dan(Name withheld by me). He loved this girl so much and apparently they’ve been dating for a while but He thinks she’s not giving her full commitment to the relationship…

My guy broke up with her and the next thing he was talking about getting back with her and my guy has one new babe that is everything he always prayed to have in a woman o,I sha knew his village people were on his matter… LOL… Anyways, it’s his decision.
Here’s why I’m making this post today, You don’t need to stay in an abusive relationship, you don’t need to go back to an Ex who does not need you back in their life. If the reason for them leaving you was not cogent enough,don’t accept a come back sermon from them. It’s time to say dear Ex,We Never Met!

One truth is this, every man knows the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with,women only become puzzles for them. They tell you they are looking for a  wife material so the idea is to taste them all and hurt them if need be. Women are also wicked o,I mean if they want to be.
But when we become Ex,we stay that way biko. Personally, when I’m done,I’m done. So if your Ex reaches out to you and you’ve moved on, don’t be shy to say,Dear Ex,We Never Met. Not because you never dated,but because you’ve deleted the memory of being with him/her. Shikena.

I’ll stop here for now, see you soon.
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12 thoughts on “Dear Ex, We Never Met.

  1. I want to believe that for some people the reason why they hold onto a toxic and abusive relationship is cause they are afraid of being alone, they fear that they might not be able to find someone else but honestly that is very wrong, you have to understand who you are and take a bold step, adjust your crown and move on , something better will come, it might take time, you wont see it yet but it will surely come. Most exes are a bag of trouble from the pit of hell please lets apply wisdom in all we do. Ebijanded Weldon darling, you're doing a great job.

  2. I feel like everyone should just maintain their lane when broken up, there really is no need to start opening old wounds that are unnecessary, it’s poinyless, don’t send me old messages of us, don’t tell me you miss me, respect yasef thenz

  3. Once an ex always an ex. You don’t need them in your life again. Move on to greater chapters in life. Don’t get stuck on someone that will never come back.

  4. I belief there is a reason why you guys xd each other so it should remain that way no need drilling over spilt milk,but you could keep them as frnds for a distance and make your present worthwhile.

  5. The decision as to whether or not exes should remain exes is dependent on what led them apart in the first place.
    Sometimes, lovers misunderstand themselves and feel like space is needed too. Sometimes, lovers are torn apart because of pride,forgeting the need to get over their size to make it work. To cut story short, let there be a reunion if the reasons to come back outweigh that of being apart.

  6. Some people that have been hurt or broke up usually find it difficult to let the ex remain an ex because of lack of closure on the breakup.. Until people learn to get that closure they'll always look back!

  7. Some ex just want to get back, destroy your already happy New life and leave you again. I advice no lady should ever welcome the idea of accepting back their exes

  8. Thank you all for your lovely comments. i really do appreciate the visit to the blog. kindly tell others how beautiful it is here.

  9. I am still friends with my ex-girlfriend, we gist about a lot of things, She even calls me to get advice on different decision-making matters. Still don't know why people believe they cannot be friends with their ex. The article has really gotten my interest. I am going to bookmark your blog and keep checking for new details every week.
    Open this link to reach my website and check out its contents. Please let me know if this okay with you. Many Thanks!

    1. Hi John, could you share the link please. Please, I’m really sorry I’m just responding to this message…

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