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Something You Need To Know.

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You are welcome to my space again… Apologies for my long silence. Feel free to read through for another inspiring article.

Life is a journey. The people you meet, the lessons, the hurts, the pains, the tears, the heartbreaks, the disappointments, the people who made you feel better or worse are all  part of the plan. Your journey cannot be completely smooth; the hiccups are only normal… All you need is to be ready. So in this article, i will be sharing things i think you need for your journey: Now, these points i’m about to share with you are not all that matters, but they can help if you can humbly and sincerely read through and then apply them.

The first thing you need is GOD
This is not just appearing like a christian or a church girl my dear, nothing works without God. God made you in His image and likeness and He cannot expect you to go through life without him. He knows you need Him to scale through so you should never depend on yourself to solve the puzzles of life. Desire Him, ask for His help, protection, guidance and wisdom. Trust me there is only little you can do by yourself and you will only end up stranded and frustrated. You need God through the journey and as a matter of fact, He is the most important factor you need through the journey.

The second thing you need is a FRIEND  

I know you will be expecting me to add “s” to that to make it friends, but NO… friend it is. I really do not believe in having many friends as the luck factor to having a smooth journey. All you need is a genuine friend;now if you are blessed enough to have more than one, that’s absolutely fine but for now,let’s stick to one friend. Friends make the journey fun anyways, sometimes they bring smiles, other times, tears, but like i said it’s all part of the plan because at the end of the day it’ll only make you stronger, wiser and better. There is that one friend you need through the journey because you will not always be strong all by yourself. There will be times you will need a shoulder to lean on, a different view on a matter that is bothering you and you know that one person will always come to the rescue. I mean genuine friendship with no atom of envy, jealousy or pretense. Once you have this person, the journey becomes easy and worthwhile. If you are yet to find that special someone, wait on it and if you already have, cherish them because it’s not easy to find one true soul in a world of many dark minds. Through your journey, you need a friend. Personally, i used to believe in the magic of having many friends and bonding with all of them, but today, i stand here to tell you that, it’s not about the crowd. I’m not saying you should not keep friends or smile with people o, no not at all, that’s not my point, just be wise at it. Some people appear white in teeth and black in heart and you may never know who they truly are if you are care so much about the crowd. You need wisdom to know your genuine friends anyways.

The third thing you need is your POSITIVE BANK 

When I was serving, I had something like that glued to the wall. It’s just a way of reminding you of where you are heading to and why you should and can never give up. In this journey, you need all the positive strength and words through it all, hence you might just give up on the move. Trust me when I say sometimes it can get really hard and confusing that you might want to give up… just find strength in your positive bank. Just as you go through life saving your money in a bank and boldly visiting the ATM or banking hall to make withdrawals because you know you have your money starched there so it is with the positive bank;save enough positive words as that will encourage  when  the hard times come.

The fourth thing you need is YOUR SAFE PLACE

You may never know how important this is until you find yourself in some funny situations as you journey through life. Now, this is that place where you pour your heart out, cry if necessary, get inspired/motivated. This is just a safe place for you. Only you understand the atmosphere and long to be there. Personally, I love that spot in my house. I sit there to get inspirations, write articles, study my bible or book of choice depending on my mood, other times, I just  sit there and ponder on some stuff that are of great concern to me. Now this place can be anywhere around you, your bed, your balcony, your garage, or any other place of interest;but mine is just here in my living room as I love to write in my study. Yours can be anywhere you think is convenient for you. Sometimes, you just need to be alone. away from the noise and distractions of the world and only your safe place comes to mind. It used to be my bed till I got a spot I call my study so you need that “me time” in your safe place as you journey through life. OH! before I forget, you need good musics as well and good books that’ll boost your spirit when you are in your safe place. Just ensure it’s safe indeed. You can soliloquize there as you journey through life. You need it .

The fifth thing you need is YOU

This is very important. You must not loose yourself as you go through life. No matter how hard it may seem,stay true to self and never forget who you are. So many people lose it at some point and end up regretting it all at the end of the day. Even if you miss a step, try retracing your steps back to the original plan. No one ever said it was going to be an easy smooth ride so do not ever expect it to be that way as you journey through life.

I’ll have to stop here for today. Now, the listed points are not only the things you might need as you journey through life, there are other factors but these are from me. Please feel free to add yours so i can learn from your points too. Thank you for stopping to read this article today, I do hope to see more of you. Please, leave a comment as I would love to hear from you. What point do you like best that I listed and why…Feel free to add yours. Looking forward to your responses.

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