February 20, 2024

I should have done an article on this topic a couple of years back, but now is the best time. I would like to hear your views after reading this article too.

Friendships are great. I mean, no one can exist on his or her own. You need friends to navigate life.

One thing you must know is this, not everyone can be a friend to you as you do not need everyone as you go through life; but, if they are essential to you, you value them, you have the conviction that you need them in life, no matter what may have happened, you can make room for them, talk things through if there are unresolved conflicts that needs to be addressed.


Friends guide us,
Friends help us,
Friends support us,
Friends stand by us in difficult times,
Friends are a good support system,
Friends help us thrive through life.

Whilst all these are true about Friends, not every friend can be all these to you. It takes a genuine friend, one whom God specifically sent into your life for life’s purpose to be all these and more to you.

One thing I want you to know as you read through this article is that, you can be friends with 100 people and you may have just 3 genuine ones amongst them and this is absolutely fine. Oftentimes, people want to be your friend and you do not necessarily have to feel same way for them and this is also fine too.

For the sake of this article today, I want to share a few reasons why friendships end.


The first reason friendships end is because they have no mutual understanding/respect for themselves. I wish I could explain more but I’ll leave this point this way.

Secondly, it could also be as a result of assumptions and unresolved conflicts.

Thirdly, if one person feels he or she is the reason the friendship is working out, the person might get tired of trying to keep the friendship alone and then back out one day. They may not even tell you why.

Fourthly, if they perceive that you’re not easily forgiving and you take things to heart too much. For friendship to work out well, a lot of forgiveness must have to be done.

Fifthly, if you can’t be trusted. Words said to you in confidence can’t be with you alone, you must spill to a third party. This can end a beautiful friendship.

Sixthly, if you are very secretive. You listen to the other person’s struggles but never say yours. My question is why do you want someone to be 100 percent with you and you give them nothing to hold on to? There’s nothing pretty in being secretive to a person who is sincere and open minded to you.

Lastly, if your Mindsets, ideologies and belief system differ from eachother. If this is not properly managed, can definitely end a lovely friendship. Don’t bade good friends goodbye. You need friends in life.

Did you enjoy reading this article? Which point do you completely agree with?

Please, drop your points too as I’ll be looking forward to reading and commenting on them.

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