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Husband Recession

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Ask an average Naija girl to define her dream husband; first, she will mention “God fearing” in order not to sound so worldly but then she begins to add worldly requirements like “he has to be tall, handsome, rich, owns a house, one car atleast and be presentable.”

If you check the number of girls saying this and the number of men that meet that standard, you will see why there is a phrase like Husband Scarcity.
You hear girls say, “I cannot go and suffer in a man’s house o.”
But what if from the beginning, you have everything you want and there is no suffering, but later in the marriage, the table turns around, then comes suffering? Will you run away?
No one prays for suffering, but it is better to start small and get big, than start big and get small.
The description most ladies give of their ideal man is virtually the same.
When many girls want the same kind of men and the men that fit what they want are very few; what becomes of the many other girls left without their dream men? Husband Scarcity.
Probably more women than men in the world but to make it worse, 7 out of 10 men will only get married after 30 years; while 7 out of 10 ladies wish to get married before 30. Husband Recession.
The slow rate of marriage has become one of the biggest challenges faced by many ladies today. No prayer session in any church is complete without prayers for women seeking husband.
However, One easy way to find a husband is to change your view of who a husband is. A husband is that man God made full of dreams, responsibilities and purpose and knowing man couldn’t achieve his purpose in life without a help mate, God made the woman and gave to him.
Marriage has never been a poverty alleviation program. It is a union of two with same goals and mission to fulfil the will of God here on earth.
Women are home builders not house warmers. Don’t mistake a man’s path for his destination. Where that guy is today may only be a route to where God has destined him to be tomorrow and the bigger truth is that you might be the tool he needs to achieve greatness.
Pick up the right values today… Join in alleviating husband scarcity.
This article was provided by a dear friend who has refused to show his face but at least, I have a brief information about him. His name is Godson Adiele, a graduate of Mass Communication from Madonna University. He also has a Masters degree in Marketing Communication, He is specialized in public relations and advertising,He’s from Abia State and loves to play the game of scrabble. 
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  1. Well to a large extent he is right, even the bible said it already "he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains FAVOUR from the most high,but we should always apply wisdom in making that decision.be sure you guys are going same direction. Stay sensitive . Cheers

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