Tue. Mar 2nd, 2021

Happy Children’s Day From Us.

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I am not about to share my delivery room experience with you o, but I know one day I will. Children are so sweet eeeeh, the love and palava put together makes it all fun. But, I must admit that it’s not easy to take care of a child. You need extra patience and tolerance.

Okay, I love children a lot and can go an extra mile to ensure that a child is happy. As a result of that, I worked so hard to ensure that I have a platform where I can meet the needs of some children (especially children in rural areas)

I’m very pleased to tell your that The Siaisiai Ebisidor Foundation came as a result of my undying love for kids and their well being. I mean, there’s something in my name today. I feel super blessed that kids are smiling and can go to school through my foundation.
Today means a lot to me. Please,if all you can do for a child is to put a smile on his/her face today, please, do it well. They deserve to smile. Remember that, helping a child smile is helping a generation stay strong. 
You can also be part of the lovely things The Siaisiai Ebisidor Foundation is doing in the lives of children. Do well to reach out to us by sending a mail to siaisiaiebisidorfoundation@gmail.com or call 08166388260 for support and sponsorship.
Happy Children’s Day to every child. Do send my love to a child/children close to you. Tell them Ebijanded loves them so much.

Below are few pictures from the foundation. Looking forward to your calls. Let us be the reason for a child’s smile.

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