Truths You Can Relate With…Ponder On Your Circle. Article3

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You are welcome to my space again… This post will carry the last truths i wish to share. Thank you all for keeping up with the truths i posted so far. Here comes some more… I’ll be dropping some real truths about friendship. Sometime in 2016, i took a peep into my friend list and realized just a few deserved to be called or regarded as that.. So i told myself, the smaller the better.

I grew up with up with a notion that you need people around you always, as a matter of fact, they helped you felt better was my thought. Not until life itself taught me some hard truths. I’m not saying friendship is bad, i’m only saying you must be careful who stays in your circle. Some people are not meant to be there but we ignorantly fix them there because we want people to like us… so many reasons though but we end up dinning with wolves and ships in the process if we are not careful. Your circle does not need to be so big for you to enjoy life; as a matter of fact, the smaller the better.

Okay, i grew up having a best friend at every stage of my life that we cared for each other and shared special connections but i must confess that i’m just in touch with a few of them today and it is not  basically as what we were to each other back then. I guess life happened! At some point in your life, you will just realize that some persons are just in your life for a period and a reason, when they decide to leave, try not to feel hurt and just move on. I made a post on Facebook sometime last month about how you should know that you are a man on a journey and not everyone can make it to the final destination of your life. They may be wonderful and special in their own way, but at that point when they choose to leave, you must understand that they are done with the purpose of their coming into your life. Move on! The worst thing you can do at this point in your life is to force the friendship or relationship to stay further, you just might loose it all.

I realized that friendship can be really sweet at the beginning. Everyone acts nice and looks out for the other. But can i tell you something, the true test of friendship is when you guys have stayed together basically after the initial gra gra of the show of love, quarrel and settle, fight for each other and attach something purposeful to the friendship that can make fighting for it worthwhile, hence letting it go would be the easiest option.

Life is not lived by making new friends and adding to your circle, but ensuring that you maintain the ones you already have. Meeting new friends is really cool, but do not be in a hurry to add them to your circle. Everyone has intentions and desires when they become your friend but it is left for you to decide what you want. Personally, i think the smaller the better.

Before you become someone’s friend or accept to be someone’s friend, be ready to trust them completely and never put them out for others to judge them. Be ready to speak for them till the very last, except you want to loose them completely which is absolutely fine too if it’s your decision.

Take a moment and ponder on your circle today, tell me do you really need that much crowd? Ask yourself this question and answer sincerely, do i trust them enough and am i really sure they are my friends… sometimes, we hold people so dear to us but we are just like a pinch of salt to them; and these are the people we hurriedly add to our circle…  Please, ponder on your circle and reshuffle if necessary. i’ll say this again that it is better small than crowd. Ensure it’s meaningful and worth it.

  • Do not change from the good person that you are simply because someone somewhere did not appreciate that part of you. The truth is we learn from every experience good or bad. It either makes us stronger or better. The last thing you should accept is settling for the person that is not you. Show me a man who has not been hurt by anyone and i’ll show you a man who has no proof of his existence. If you are a good person, do not become someone else for any reason. Just be wiser and more careful in your dealings with people. 
  • Another point i want to state here is the potency of prayers… Trust me, prayer is basic. Pray about everything and stay hopeful. Do not listen to people who tell you it takes time when you pray…; just pray some more. 
  • Avoid negative minded people; Some people have no intention that is good for you. Every time they are around you, they try to place their negative traits on you. If you are not careful, you will gradually become like them.
  • Stay away from clingy people; People who make you feel like without you they cannot survive… i wish you knew how far they can go without you after their duration in your life ends. Clingy people are not nice to be in your circle. 
I wish to say more but i beg to stop here today. I wish i knew then the things i know now. Some of my friendships wouldn’t have started or stayed more than hi… hehehe… we live to know better anyways and trust me, now that i know better, i choose and accept wisely. No regrets, just a wiser me. Wishing you a great time as you ponder on your circle. Do take good care of you always. Cheers!

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