Thu. Nov 26th, 2020

Together We Can…

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This post is about passion for what i love. As a matter of fact it takes sleep away from my eyes. I wake up with the thought and sleep at night with it lying next to me.  It’s about children and their welfare. Sincerely i feel bad to see children go through so much pain. It hurts me really bad and i thought it wise to dedicate this post to every child out there. If you get to read this article, i want to plea that you try and reach out in any way possible to being a blessing to any child, If you want to reach out to me personally on how to do this, you can send a mail to me on Follow me closely to get my point.
Children deserve to smile. 
Children deserve to be happy
Children deserve to grow 
Children deserve to glow
Children deserve to go to school
Children deserve to eat good meal
Children deserve to be listened to
Children deserve to be heard
Children deserve to become adults.
Children we say are the leaders of tomorrow,,, but can i ask this today, how we are treating them? Do we take their feelings into consideration when we take some decisions? I guess we just conclude they are kids and that they will be fine. I beg to correct that impression today as it is expedient that they have their childhood experience. They should not loose it for any reason. 
“Aunty Ebi, i want to go to school but my parents cannot pay my fees”
These words hurt me badly when a child whispered that to me. She desires to be in school and as a matter of fact she is an intelligent kid but the means to be in school is unavailable. How did i know she was a bright kid, i demanded to see her last result before she stopped going to school and i was amazed when i saw her good grades. I spoke to my team about her then before my foundation got officially registered and they supported her going back to school. Her result after we paid her fees made me proud and so we got her a gift for coming first in her class. What am i trying to say? Your little can go a long way in making a child happy and futuristic. I’m doing my best possible to do what i can but i’m sure that together we can. There’s so much we can achieve together if we can think less of ourselves and think more about others…   
My focus here is a child. One child at least… If you take one child and five more persons take five other  kids, do you know what we have done in the lives of six children? We have helped them move a step ahead than where they were and a step forward to where they can be. I know food is good but i support education more. I want every child to be in school if possible. 

Let me share a bit of what my foundation stands for so we can understand the reason for this post today. We discover the child’s potential with a smile. How we do it is very simple. We look out for kids who are sound academically but cannot afford to pay tuition fees or other related items and we do our best in ensuring they are in school. We also look out for out of school children; which could be as a result of fees or the loss of parents or guardians who were responsible for this act and we do the needful as well. We believe that together we can make the world a better place, especially for every child. With #10 a day, #3,650 a year, you can secure a pack of book and a pair of sandal for a child to return back to school, it’s that simple. You can reach out to us or any other foundation that concerns itself with such target and give your support. All i’m  saying is that you be the reason for a child’s smile. yes, you… Deny yourself that designer cologne or outfit just for a child…hehehe.. you are still going to rock them later. Deny yourself the expensive gadgets just so a child can go back to school. No matter how little it can go a long way.
Every child deserves to be in school. During my NYSC days, a friend of mine said something to me that still plays in my head till date. “It’s okay to send your children to good schools and pay so much for them to get the best academically, but you must worry about that your neighbor’s child who does not go to school probably because of fees. Remember the society accommodates  them all and they must get in contact with themselves somehow…” Does this make sense to you at all? Okay, i’ll throw more light on that. If my child has no means to be in school and your child does, my child who may not be enlightened on some important things about life can become a negative influence on your child if they come in contact with themselves. That is my point exactly. We can do something positive for these children, especially for those who do not have the means to be in school.
put these children in classrooms. YES WE CAN!
Reach out to us today and be the reason for a child’s smile. 
God bless the Siaisiai Ebisidor Foundation
Long Live The Child’s smile
God bless the founder and it’s board of trustees
God bless our sponsors and volunteers
God bless you.
Looking Forward to hearing from you. 
Remember your little can go a long way, TOGETHER WE CAN!
Till i come your way again, stay positive always.

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