Thu. Nov 26th, 2020

Supporting Olufunke Olabode’s Vision On The Girl Child Initiative.

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Every child is important. The idea of “The girl child” came as a result of how female children were been disregarded and marginalized in the family and society at large. You see in a family where a father can choose to send the male children to school and let the female stay at home, because he has a mindset that training the girl child is a waste of time as she would one day leave his house and change her name. Thank God all that is changing gradually as people are now focusing attentions on  training the The Girl Child too.

The girl child is very important in our society. Through her, there is continuity in procreation and as a matter of fact she completes a home, look out for her parents and siblings as the case may be;even when marriage takes her away. We cannot over emphasize on the importance of The Girl Child. She is worth more than 2boys…smiles.

I met Funke, whose vision i’m sharing with you today,sometime last year by referral and i must say the first time i saw and listened to her speak, i saw a futuristic lady who will stop at nothing till her voice is heard. I decided to give my own support by encouraging her and showing up at her first event, which i’ll be sharing the pictures with you today. Her vision is wonderful and i just need you to follow me closely and support her in any way possible.

This is Olufunke Olabode… An amazing personality. I know she will go places in life. Trust me when i say looks are deceptive; She has great insights and so much love for what she is doing. Ride on girl! i am super proud of you and solidly behind you.

Here is what she says about her initiative… 
“The girl child is a necessity, if given the chance she could change the world. i am particularly concerned with the “she child”, because she ends up as a woman or even a mother, then maybe a mother-in-law and like that…inevitably, she becomes important as a woman if treated appropriately and efficiently as a child. She can move mountains, we have Margret Thatcher to prove, as a mother, she could do even greater. You know a woman gave birth to Adolf Hitler and a woman also gave birth to Nelson Mandela; they did not just fall from the sky.
The girl child is a major fragment of the globe’s (Sola Owonibi’s Homeless not hopeless. No matter  how little or tiny she is, she is very important, i repeat SHE IS VERY IMPORTANT.

The Girl Child Initiative is a non profit organisation moving to the rural parts of Nigeria to put smiles on the faces of girls with less opportunity. The achievement so far is smiles brought to the faces of about a thousand girls  at the last tour, pictures do not lie so you can see for yourself, a little can do more… You can feel free to support our next rural outreach tour coming up pretty soon.



 ” This medium is to reach out to the world, explaining or sharing the experiences of The Girl Child particularly in Nigeria since that is our geographical location. Telling the world she is broken even though she seems okay, telling the world she needs help and needs to be reached out to, in any part of the world, please do not ignore her, don’t walk away,please make a move, take a step in sharing her story and i am sure help will get to her. I am using this opportunity to call out every woman, lady or even girls who feel they have a story to tell, to get in touch with me so the world can learn and probably help them. If any male wants to share his story or support in any way possible, he is also welcome.”

Okay, i must confess that she made me visit Ondo State for the first time in my life as i needed to support her vision… it was worth it as i had fun and took lots of pictures; i just love pictures eeeeeeh…lol. Ikare precisely.

I’m looking forward to the next event. She is working on something at the moment…
It promises to be great but it would be nice if you can reach out to her so she can keep touching the life of every girl child. Your little can go a long way in making this dream a reality.

Reach them on…


Together you and i can help the girl child stay strong and achieve her dreams. She also counts!

Wishing you all the very best Olabode Olufunke as you touch lives and impact the young ones. May God Almighty bless you and enlarge your coast. Never give up because i believe in you. I’ll see you all shortly again. Please reach out to her. Thanks and God bless.

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