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So i thought it wise to post the articles of those who reached out to me in respect to the post i made on my social media platforms sometime last month. Here we go…

It was a Sunday afternoon, the heat was simply unbearable but I made my way to the house on foot, I still wonder how I did that. As soon as I found my way into my room, I pulled off my clothes and fell on the bed. The room was roughly organised; my bed sat comfortably at the left corner of the room, my clothes were crammed up in boxes and a long mirror hung on the wall directly opposite the only large window in the room but my books were well arranged in a pile next to my bed. As I lay on the bed trying to find sleep, I noticed a prose work on top of my book pile, it had been there for weeks but I never bothered to read it, not because I didn’t like to read but because the author’s name wasn’t familiar.  I had chosen to be selective in my choice of books because I couldn’t imagine spending hours on a book only to realise much later that I had wasted my time. However, since sleep decided not to visit my room today, I had to come up with a backup plan so I picked up the only book in my collection that I hadn’t read before. Glancing through, page after page, I realised that this might be one of the best books I had read in the past few months, it was hard to admit that an unfamiliar author could be this good. It was a short story so in about an hour, I had read through it. Placing the book back on the pile, I could hear my conscience mercilessly passing judgement on me for my xenocentrism. Nonetheless, I refused to take the blame, it wasn’t my fault that there were so many poorly written books out there but then I paused, my excuses sounded flimsy even in my ears. I was simply unwilling to acknowledge that somewhere amongst those pebbles, there were diamonds; that somewhere amongst those wacky books, there were epic works, that somewhere amongst those unruly noises, there were great melodies and that somewhere amongst those uneducated graduates, there were amazingly excellent scholars. Well, that’s because I didn’t have the patience to sift through the dirt and dig for gold but then again I wonder what kind of miner that will make me.
Truth is, at some point, we have got to admit that people endued with great talents dwell amongst us; they sit next to us at church services or in the bus, they walk past us on the streets, they greet us at the office, they sell stuff to us at the market and some even live with us in the same neighbourhood so just because they aren’t popular doesn’t mean they’re not awesome, every tree was once a seed, hence, start-ups of today may be conglomerates tomorrow. Apparently, most priceless treasures in life are hidden far below the surface level and like the Nigerian adage would say, “what you are looking for in Sokoto, may be right there in your shokoto”

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Her name is  Chibuko Judith Ogechukwu. She hails from Anambra state and was born August 19th.She obtained her 1st degree at Madonna University from the department of mass-communication..currently a student of law and also a creative writer.

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