Tue. Mar 2nd, 2021

The Pots/Pan Woman and her PLUS

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“I am not a kitchen person…” It’s funny when i hear people say that. 

As beautiful as the woman’s smile on the icon of this post is my reason for this post today. Women and kitchen sounds almost like a cliche and so many persons have diverse opinion about it, but i’m here with a unique concept about it today.Every woman out there should have a glimpse of this post and understand how important it is to be a pot and pan woman.
The pot and pan woman is that woman who keeps her kitchen game tight. I mean your kitchen game is 100% and plus one. We live in a time where women give so many reasons for not wanting to be in the kitchen and i just smile at their reasons. Now do not get me wrong here, i am not here to buttress on the public assertion that “women belong to the kitchen only”; i am only saying it is expected of a woman to love the kitchen arena and know how to make things work out there. To a very large extent, i know some parents somehow contribute to why some of their female children grow up with a mindset that they do not necessarily have to be the ones to be responsible for food talks in the home… as a matter of fact, some of these women grow up and have big issues living with pots and pan in their marriages;they see it as someone else’s duty. My darling, you should keep your kitchen game top notch. 
Okay, it’s fine if you were not taught the right way about kitchen duties, but what are you doing to improve on that if i may ask? You have to stop giving excuses and get into that kitchen. You can learn in the process, ask friends and most importantly, you can ask GOOGLE…lol… Yes, google is your friend. 
Let me share my google experience with you all so you can understand that i love google a lot because it has showed up for me on so many occasions. 

One good thing about google is that you can ask anything and you must get a response. I mean anything; yes including how to make a dish… Okay, my love for white soup is epic but i had not really made it myself and husbae has so much love for it. On this fateful day, he traveled and i wanted to surprise him with a different delicacy from what we’ve been having(the likes of vegetable soup, ogbono,etc). Truth be told, i felt like having white soup but i did not know how to make it simply because i had not made it before so google came to mind. I picked up my Phone and typed “how to make white soup” and a lot of responses showed up, glad i was as i read through and watched videos, the next place i found myself was the market as i shopped for the necessary items to make the soup janded…hehehe.
Fast forward to how delicious that soup came out is an understatement my dear friends. I ate that soup just once as husbae confirmed the soup was epic and i just decided to let him flex it till it was done. My happiness was that google was a helping hand that day and it can always help you too.You do not have any excuse for being naive about  kitchen activities. The only thing you need is your data to get the best from it. There is no kind of meal that google cannot help you out with, try it!

This is my major reason for this post today. To let every woman out there realize that you can have a plus to your pots and pan experience. You should have a PLUS. What you do outside the kitchen; a business, a job or a charitable organisation. This also has to be tight. Personally i have other things i do that add up to my pots and pan experience. Writing for me is a plus as i woke up around 1AM to write this article today while most persons are sleeping and snoring really hard. My dry cleaning outlet is a plus, my foundation is a plus too and many other things incoming. It’s beautiful to have a plus as a woman, hence you might get frustrated with just kitchen duties. You can have a plus too, just give yourself grace and ask yourself what you would like to do as an extra source of motivation to your pots and pan duties…

Who says as a pot and pan woman you cannot organize board meetings? Off course, you can. Just be a woman who desires to have a plus and who is also determined to keep her game tight.

Who says she cannot have shopping experience? She can still be that woman who can have the things she desires and love. She simply does not forget to keep her kitchen game on point.

Who says she cannot have a good laugh with friends?  She sure knows how to have fun times. As a matter of fact, in her small community, she learns other essential things about the kitchen and life in general.

 What i’m trying to say in essence today is that you can be a pot and pan woman and also have a Plus. You just have to know how to balance it all. Remember what they say that every man loves good food and that a way to man’s heart is through his belly. You have a role to play in that regard. Never allow anyone or anything deprive you from your pots and pan activities. one more thing before i stop typing today, sometimes you can run away from the pots and pans though…hehehe. Just take some time out from home, visit a restaurant and get served, it’s not a bad idea at all. As a matter of fact, it makes the relationship/marriage beautiful and exciting. I  want to encourage every woman out there to keep her kitchen game tight and also do well to have a PLUS.

Finally, i celebrate every pot and pan woman out there who has a Plus. I will see you shortly. Feel free to share your view on this topic and share this post too. ciaociao.

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