Tue. Mar 2nd, 2021

Should a lady ask for support from her man?

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Hello dear readers,
I hope you all are doing good? So i am making this blog post from the moon… As always, i have come with another hot and spicy gist as i always do. Let’s roll.

Okay, to answer the question, there is absolutely nothing wrong in asking for support from your man. Now, there ought to be a level of communication and commitment between both parties before the lady can ask for support. What i mean is that you guys have a defined relationship plus concrete plans to be together eventually. I know some ladies can be really funny and inconsiderate eeeeh… they may not be in a relationship with someone,but they can lead them on just to get some mutual benefits. Now,that is not cool as it hurts that a man invests in a woman,expecting that things happen for good between them only to find out she’s been toiling with his emotions.

I sometimes hear ladies say”I cannot ask a man for something o… he just has to know i need stuff and do the needful” I smile when i hear that because some guys will never do if you do not ask o…plus how are they supposed to know your needs when you act like a boss lady giving him the impression that all is well and you got it all settled. Please, ask for help if you need to and don’t be shy.

I also want to state here categorically that asking should not be always and every time. You can tell him”Oh baby! I’ve got this… I can handle it”.Trust me you may not have a plan on how to handle the situation at that time but somehow, you will get it done. I’ve been in that situation on several occasions and when i got it settled, i was happy with myself and bae was also proud of me. So you can choose when you need his help and when you can handle stuff yourself. One thing i’m sure of is that no man likes a liability as they only want to invest in a woman who is worth it. So, i’ll pause to ask you this question; ARE YOU WORTH SUPPORTING?. By this i mean who are you and what’s your value? What kind of supports do you even ask for please? I hope they are not just for fun,make ups and fashion as the case may be o, or else i’ll just ask you to raise your hand above your head and give yourself a hard knock on your head for asking for things like that…lol. Please ask for tangible things like capital to start a business or anything of personal interest that is worth the stress. Please, do not get me wrong here, fun is good but not worth investing much money into and seeking for support from a man for always.

I also want to say this that it is cool for you to ask for support from your man because the truth is how you start the relationship really matters. If you kick start with sorting out everything yourself, it is bound to be that way till marriage and afterwards. When you might decide to seek for help from him, it might look really weird as you have never called his attention to a need.

A relationship is a partnership  venture if you ask me… we both look out for each other and work things out as the case may be. You can still be a boss lady or an independent woman darling. Asking for help and support does not make you less,plus it also depends on the person you are in a relationship with and how they value you. Please, like i said earlier,ask for reasonable supports from your partner and never try to exploit anyone whether or not you are in a relationship with them.

I would like to stop here for today but you can always suggest a topic you would like me to write on in my next blog post;I promise to write on it when you suggest. Till i come your way again, always remember the world is waiting to reckon with your uniqueness… FIND IT!!!

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