Tue. Oct 20th, 2020


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My daughter,
Its hurtful you think i don’t get it…
These battles I’m fighting

Someday you will understand.
I’m trying to save you from
Wrong choices and teenage fantasies
From boys that pack their lies round your heart
Sweet mouthed low ambitioned males
That tip toe around your emotions
With no boldness of responsibility of what they want
But leave you messy like dirty foot on a wet floor
I’m trying to shield you from mistakes that broke me
I’m trying to teach you to be aware
I’m trying to teach you to be brave
Teaching you to ask questions
For assumption is a blind race
A cheap way to give away power to wolves in sheep’s clothing
The world ain’t as beautiful as butterflies
But filled with people wearing their faces backward
And a heart that doesn’t synchronize with words from their mouth
But the right heart isn’t perfect but comes with potential
Potential to understand you
Potential to be patient with you
To give the world and more to you
And a huge willingness to work with you through your flaws and fears
And bring out the best in you

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I cherish this article simply because it’s coming from a guy… I hope every Girl/lady realizes how amazing they are after reading this article and also thread carefully as they go through life.
 We appreciate your works dear, keep touching lives with your write ups. You can also send your articles/experiences to talk2ebijanded@gmail.com because i believe your story can inspire someone. What do you think about this piece? Please, drop your comments below.

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