Tue. Oct 20th, 2020

Let’s cheers to a beautiful year…2019.

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Wow! I must congratulate you for seeing this new year. As long as you can see this article from me or read it, you are in 2019 and I pray we end the year with smiles on our faces… I am so excited to drop this article today as this is my first piece in this new year. 
New year, new resolutions… lol. I hope you are not part of those who believe in writing it down and telling yourself that you must live by it o, if yes, it won’t be easy to do it without the book you wrote it on o, so you will have to go everywhere with it,lol. Please, do not get me wrong here, I am not saying that having new year resolutions are bad o, I’m only saying that you should be more determined to making it work as it might be a little difficult to do them if the resolutions do not reside in your heart or if you lack the discipline to make it work. I hope you understand what I mean anyways…

First and foremost, i want to say a big thank you to all of You who make blogging fun;I mean your reads, likes and comments have been so encouraging. I really do appreciate the love. This year, I want to urge you to stay glued to the blog as there is always something worth reading from me(This is me hyping myself eeeeh) Anyways, I really appreciate you, yes you!

I really believe so much in this year. I can’t wait for the goodies the year has to offer. I also cannot wait to attend to the challenges the year might bring as there is no great story without a storm. I believe that wisdom will always guide and God will never leave me alone and i’m very sure He won’t leave you too… Just be with Him always and ask that He leads you always; as for me,I do nothing or go anywhere without Him this year and forever. Without God, I am nothing.

I am super excited to share this good news with you. Some of you might be in the know as a result of the awareness that has been going on everywhere on social media, but I think it’s wise that I share it here also… Well, I’ll be launching my book in this month…yayyyy. You have no idea how happy I am to share this with you. Please, plan to get the book when it finally comes out o; I really need your support. Ebook and printed copies will be out in January… The title of the book is VERA and it’s a true life story you cannot afford to miss trust me. Please, I need all the support I can get. Biko, eeppp my ministry o..lol. I intend to continue in this pace from now henceforth in this regard[writing and publishing]. That was why I said earlier that I love this year already.

I wanted this piece to be super short eeeeh, but my hands are just typing plenty. Okay, I need to stop here for now so I can join the new year groove in my zanga(location). I’ll see you shortly with another piece and many more inspiring and worth reading articles all through the year. With that said, I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

2019, let dreams come to reality…cheers!!!

Just in case, you did not see my previous article on 2019 before 2019, you really need to see it as that article is amazing and worth reading. You will be so glad you clicked it for a good read trust me.

Please, you can suggest topics you’d like me to write on this year and I promise to be on it like sweet food… drop your comments below or at least wish me Happy New Year too. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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