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Let them fail. Inspired by Olamide Siaisiai

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All my married friends,please fall in here… Yet to be married,you can tag along as this post would be very helpful.

I’ve learnt to cherish intelligent conversations and wise people. I do not take for granted any opportunity to learn (no man is an island you know)
Okay,main gist eeeh, you see Lamz bah, she’s one amazing being to speak to in any situation you find yourself in,I mean she just knows how to calm any storm (You need a Lamz in your life trust me).
I know a lot of persons are victims of what I’m about to share today,so I would advise you stay glued to this article till I say ciao ciao.
“Women are super humans I know,but sometimes we can be really extreme. Wanting things to be done in a certain type of way. You have a partner who can never be like you weather you like it or not. They can only try to do it their own best way… Most times, it’d even  be worse than it’s original”.
“It’s okay to let them fail…”
Hmmm. Fail I asked? And then Lams responded ” oh yeah, it’s okay for them to fail”
When I heard that, I was perplexed but I demanded to know why she said that and she shared with me how she got the insight from a reputable guy..(Pastor Stephen Chandler)
Lams continues speaking…
“If  your partner assists in any way in the house, learn to appreciate them even when they do not get it right. It’s absolutely fine if they fail at it. You don’t have to  make them feel terrible for failing. As they keep trying, they get better with time. You are not their mum you know and they wouldn’t want you treating them as though you are. When they fail at it, communicate right about it if you must talk about it. Don’t go complaining and shouting at the top of your voice… as a matter of fact, they may never want to render assistance anymore because they would feel it wouldn’t  be appreciated again. It’s okay if they fail…”
We spoke at length but I am sure by now, you get the point.
I listened carefully and realized how I’ve hurt my partner even without knowing it. I felt really bad as sometimes, we women go as far as complaining when these men try to assist.. remember some men wouldn’t even dare assist in home matters; so you must count yourself lucky to have a man that tries to assist.
Now I’m not saying house chores are solely for the woman; after all the home belongs to both of them. But my point is that you need to learn to appreciate these men when they make little efforts (most men just get to learn these stuff in marriage o).
You know how society and some families treat the girl child differently… Boys do just a few chores at home while the girls do almost everything,from cleaning, to cooking, to running errands… Those things are changing now though and that’s good progress.
Marriage is work and it takes both parties to make it work. Communication is very important and most important is how you communicate.

I hope this article was helpful indeed. Kindly drop a comment below or share your view on this topic. See you soon…

6 thoughts on “Let them fail. Inspired by Olamide Siaisiai

  1. Didn't understand at first what, "let them fail" meant, read through and finally understood…thank you mams for this beautiful piece… God bless lamz

  2. we know say the wahala when women get plenty for their body, although am not married yet but the best thing married men should do is to neglect them especially at those points when they want you to dot the I's and cross the T's. This is because they can't and won't stop being women, and of course those attributes Won't leave them. Thank you.
    I am Bright Duweni.

  3. It's actually true,when you let them fail..Sometimes,been too pushy can create more harm than good,they'll learn eventually no matter how slow..they need their space too,afterall we ladies do not always get it right..Character formation and application is a long term process when it has to do with relationship and marriage,alot of mental strength and patience is needed because we learn and unlearn every day.

  4. Nice piece, it really does resonate with me! Giving room for mistakes is necessary especially in grooming healthy relationships as it helps everyone grow and learn.

  5. Warmate mark Imgbi

    Women should learn wanting most things done there way is not pretty,am not married but I have had a lot of experiences, some ladies should at least hide their domineering character in marriage, wanting everything done there way,you will just keep breaking the man's heart
    At least let us fail…you are a wife to the man and not his Mother!

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