Thu. Nov 26th, 2020


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This is coming straight from my heart today and to be honest with you, it is from a sincere place and gratitude to God for bringing me thus far.

It’s time to tell how I really feel, there is no point hiding feelings or emotions about anything anymore. It was really hard for me to do this, but I had to summon courage finally. Are you ready to listen to my confession?

Hehehe, it’s not that deep actually…what’s on your mind really? Well, it’s about my Whatsapp community. The talk2ebijanded WhatsApp family; today,I’ll be giving you gist on the journey thus far, how it all began, why, challenges and everything that has to do with the platform. Let’s do this!

Why And How It Began

Before the year 2015, I have always wanted a platform where I can bring ladies together, discuss issues that concern us and profer solutions to issues that we may be facing. 2015 was the year for me to step out, we started with just 10 ladies and there were my friends at the time. We decided to make the group great by inviting few other ladies who are connected to us somehow as we didn’t want to enjoy the benefit of such a beautiful idea alone. We started growing numerically…

As we grew numerically, it became rather difficult to manage the platform, as we needed to be more calculated, wise and calm.

We also needed to come up with ideas to make the group unique and janded. One of the things we came up with was the idea of “chain prayers”. This is an avenue where we pray about any issue/issues of concern, it is also a way of enhancing the bond between us.

Another idea we came up with was The Face Of The Week Duties, this is also another avenue to build bond between the ladies as you get an opportunity to talk to one lady on the platform that you may not have had the opportunity to speak to as a result of the many ladies there as you both make plans on how to make the group uniquely different from other weeks.

The faces of the week are usually two in number, they come up with topics to be discussed all through the week, could be on health, finance, relationship, God, mindset, marriage, friendship, anything at all, they can also decide to handle the topics themselves or invite a facilitator (a male or female) to treat a particular topic of discussion.

To a very large extent, this has made the platform to be more enlightened, different and great. Personally,the platform has made me better, taught me new things and also made me see life and things differently. It has helped me become more janded.

Now, this is my major aim of writing this article today to thank God I didn’t give up on the platform/the vision when that was the only option I had. So many times I thought of deleting the platform and just living my life on a low key as so many things were begining to tamper with my peace of mind. I know you are wondering what happened,well, I may not be able to go into details but mehn it was hard not to let go…

Managing ladies is one difficult task I must admit, but I think everything that happened made me wiser and stronger and offcourse taught me how best to tackle whatever comes my way about the platform, I am really happy I didn’t let go at that time.

A platform that started with just 10 ladies in December 2015, has a record of over 100 ladies today on board who are getting inspired and blessed through the platform and also becoming a channel of blessing to other ladies in the world. Trust me, I am elated.

All that would not have been possible without an amazing Team, I mean they made the job easier and fun as we worked tirelessly for the good and progress of the platform. Thank you once again team, I really appreciate the support thus far.

Today we celebrate 5 years of doing exploits and evolving.. sharing experiences, learning, unlearning and relearning. I thank everyone who had contributed to the success of the platform thus far, you guys mean a lot to me;thank you for encouraging me not to give up on it. God bless you immensely.

As we connect from different locations, Lagos, Abuja, Abia, PH, Yola, Warri, Benin and off course my sisters in diaspora , please know you mean a lot to me and I need you to continue to stay strong as we build a better bond and greater generation of strong ladies and women. Cheers to greater beginnings. Happy 5th year Anniversary to us. I love you.

Some amazing women from The Talk2Ebijanded community, we have shared our stories, inspired, supported and connected in diverse ways We are evolving gradually. I celebrate you all QUEENS.

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