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We were already selling footwears to save up for our marriage before we met in person! 
Ah! Love is sweet. Sweeter when you meet on Facebook. 
3 years down the line laughter still fills our home… oh and our little fella who thinks the world revolves around him. 
I heared someone say the first two years would be awful… that didn’t happen. 
Another kind friend insisted I read at least a few books on marriage, certainly didn’t do that!
 ( what is this, a college application?) 
and If this isn’t happiness, I don’t know what is.
Now I’m not by any means saying “don’t listen to advice,”  or “don’t read books” neither am I saying my marriage is perfect.. BUT! 
See that Life isn’t black and white. There is no perfect  human custodian of life’s issues anywhere.. What we have are choices, motive, consequences.  
What do YOU choose for yourself? 
What are your motives? 
Are you ready to bear the consequences of those choices? 
If your answer to the last question is yes, then that choice is of great value to you.. Stick to it. 
I mean if you buy a  phone with your last dime  and it blows up in your face, you can live with your mistake right? 
.. Now what if your mom takes your last dime, without asking you first, buys you a phone, and it blows up in your face? 🤐 
This is pretty much what it will be like letting other people make choices for you based on their “superior” knowledge. No one knows your heart like you do ♥. 
No one loves you better than you do… except for God of course. Do well to make Him top priority in all your life’s decisions. 
Have faith in God, have faith in yourself, have faith in your choices I dare say! Be resilient. 
If  things get shaky, chin up that’s life,
 IT WILL Pass.. 
Ps: if you’d like to read about our first meeting… how it went, lol, thumbs up, share… 
You’ll probably need some pointers to shoot your own shot. Cheers! 
-Abigail E. 
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