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Antonia Episode 3

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I want to ask you today as I’m really confused at this point… Can you really like someone and then hurt their feelings at the end of the day? Is it possible for you to say goodbye to a relationship that meant everything to you? Oh oh! I am probably thinking too much and talking out loud at this moment. I will just proceed with my story.
Yes I know I was a young girl and needed to focus on more important things, but then again,I think i was on track. My friends back then had many relationships but I kept just one and treasured it with everything I had. What happened to us still baffles me. I really wished I knew what the problem was, that way fixing it would have been much easier. 
If to say i know, I for stay for my house jejeje o… *Sad*
I got there that day and I wasn’t happy to see him anymore… For some reason,he has changed completely, looking so unkept and the environment was nothing to write home about. What was I even expecting sef, oga has told me things were hard for him so why am I even complaining or expecting something out of this world. I managed to act comfortable as he offered me a bottle of Malt and Digestive biscuits. 
While, I was eating and we were visiting,, i noticed two guys walked in and he introduced me to them as his girlfriend and all and we exchanged pleasantries well. They sat for a moment and then left. I and Dave gisted and laughed about everything that day, I was really happy that I got my Bobo back o,(In my mind).
Few minutes after the Laughs, oga turned and looked at me and started pleading that I allowed him into my private area….omo, as as what na, I was really shocked. I was still a virgin and decided that I wasn’t giving it to anyone anymore until marriage. I reminded him of everything and all his promises but I guess the Dave then and now are two different people. 
Before I knew it, the two guys that lefy before, came in with two other guys and they became 5 including my so called boyfriend…
 They gang raped me!!!
How I managed to leave there after that day still baffles me because I remember vividly how a good Samaritan helped me get home from the junction that day. According to her, it was late in the night and I was all by myself looking weak and used to point zero so she helped me get home. I am still in touch with her till date and she also encouraged me through the healing process. 
I am not completely strong emotionally but one thing I know is that I hate men with a passion. Now you see my reason for hating men right? Tell me who wouldn’t after such maltreatment. Till date, I and Dave have never spoken and I don’t intend to. 
Gang raped an innocent virgin like me… I still live in regret and pain till date. I pray I heal fast. This is my story and I’m glad I could share it with you today. 
What’s your thought about this story, should we blame Anto?

Did you see this end?
Please, kindly drop your comments below. 

Thank you. 

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6 thoughts on “Antonia Episode 3

  1. Hmmm…it took a different thought from what I expected but this is intriguing and sad…this is what happens to so many ladies and very minute guys…
    I can relate with Anto cos I was in a close situation as that. It took a whole lot of time to heal…I wouldn't even say I've healed but I will say I dealt with it…emotionally,medically,psychologically and spiritually… Lemme stop here…smiles
    Ebi…Great one…keep going strong ma and better..Loads of love

  2. Hmmmmmm…. I never saw it ending like this
    I just got sad at how it ended.
    It's an intriguing story by the way and I really hope Anto heals soon.
    Those men do not represent the entire specie of men so She shouldn't say She hate men yet.

  3. It took a sad turn which I'm not happy about. I hope she heals eventually. But I have a question, how did Dave become Frank? I thought her boyfriend in episode 2 was Dave so why Frank in episode 3

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