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The shuku with base hairstyle was the style for senior girls back then in my school.

The big girls of the class that walked like their legs could not touch the ground and their butt shooting out never disappointed us when it came to that hairstyle.

For me it was a different story, to start with, my hair was only good for twisting as I started growing it a month ago so I wasn’t considered a big girl although in my mind I knew I was a big girl sha.

Looking at the big girls sit in a group with their shuku hairstyle laughing and talking about boys, made me make the biggest mistake of my life, “I will make shuku and base” I said out loud and the whole class laughed, no problem, to make things worse, Anita the leader of the big girls walked up to me and touched my tiny twist, everyone started laughing again.

To be continued…

7 thoughts on “SHUKU AND BASE 1

  1. Omooooooo🤣🤣🤣🤣,shuku and base,these memories…my go to hairstyle while in secondary school was all back oo,with beads to beautify it..i didn’t like sitting down for too long making my hair,lol.Except for a school event obviously or a competition..

  2. 🤣 I actually love Shuku and base but my go to hairstyle was All back sha!
    This post brings back memories 🤗 well done 👏

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