Take a chill pill.

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Dear Nigerians,  
Today, I have the peace to drop my thoughts on the Covid-19 saga that has hit us hard as a nation. 
Sips a chilled drink (don’t worry the kind of drink; what matters is that it’s chilled). Come close, let’s get the gist.
This one got us hard!!! I think we were not prepared for this at all; chaos, confusion, pain, questions that cannot be answered everywhere… Everyone is just shouting for Mercy and help from the Supreme One.
I know many countries are counting many lives lost at the moment, but how many lives have we lost in Nigeria? I’ll save you the stress by reminding you, just two cases and that is offcourse one person who had health issues already … Do not get me wrong here, I do feel sorry for those directly related to them offcourse. I am only saying while many countries are counting thousands, we’re just counting two people. 
I say it with full convictions that God’s love for this country is deep. He loves you as a person and then loves us as  Nigerians;I really cannot fathom the love but this love keeps me going; knowing that Someone loves us regardless of our carelessness, nonchalant attitudes to many sensitive things and Ignorance most times about the personality of this person who loves us Unconditionally.
Some people think this is about the coming of Jesus Christ but this is not the thought of my darling friend Lamide;  “Well everything is leading to that … 
but he isn’t coming now though 
I remember Dr Myles Munroe talking about that. Cause the gospel hasn’t reach all the world”
Let me ask you this question today, before Covid-19, what were you doing,I mean about having or maintaining a good relationship with your maker? Why the sudden fear? Covid-19 or not, it is expedient that you maintain a solidified relationship with God always. 
May God give the families of those who have lost lives the fortitude to bear their losses. To those battling with the virus at the moment, may they all come out stronger. My prayer for us self isolating, may this virus not see us… I pray that after this pandemic, our family members, friends and loved ones won’t missing. 
One last thing before I go today, as you self isolate, please pray for those fighting so hard to heal from the virus,not forgetting the health workers who are risking it all to look out for Covid-19 patients. The most important thing you must do at this time is to kill fear,as a matter of fact, fear kills faster than the virus. Please, stay safe as we stay hopeful.
*My name is Ebijanded and I Care about You.*

6 thoughts on “Take a chill pill.

  1. This is a word in season, especially with the statement:

    "The most important thing you must do at this time is to kill fear,as a matter of fact, fear kills faster than the virus"

    Thanks for the insight…

  2. Beautiful write up fear itself is death in its own way, like you said rightly building a more solidifying relationship with our maker is what is paramount regardless of the eventualities.thanks ebi for this reminder

  3. Timely word…. It still surprises me how a lot tend to just conclude it's the end of the world. Lol
    If only people will read their Bible more to understand times and Seasons.
    God help us all.
    Bless you for this write-up

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