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“Anto…Anto… Your phone is ringing.”
Oh noooo! I hate to be disturbed abeg. You know how much I hate it when someone wakes me up from sleep. Aaargh.
I’ll check the phone now, it’ll be one person I don’t even want to hear from. (Picks up the phone to check who it was and it was just as predicted).
My name is Antonia. I’m just a calm girl in my early twenties and I hate men so much. Yes! I hate them with a passion. Like I have no trust for any man. They are just crazy set of people with no atom of trustworthiness in them.
Don’t worry, I’ll tell you why. I know you’re already thinking what they did to me. I’ll tell you,just chill and read. I’ve decided to share my experience today and it’s not in your place to judge me. Just read through…
Getting admission into the university at a very tender age was lovely. I mean I was only 14 when I got into the university. Everything was just sharp sharp as I was not a dull girl and my parents supported me through it all. We’re not very rich and we’re not poor as well;Β  we could fit in the middle class and that was perfect for me.
My parents were not perfect at all but they were the best that ever happend to me. I think there was just something more I needed. A bestie!
Yes… I needed someone I could tell just anything and not get judged. I wanted someone to hold me,love me,care for me and be there for me always. This bestie is not a girl o, should be a guy ehh.
Yes, I got the bestie. I mean the best bestie anyone can pray to have. He was the dopest guy I ever met. You know the TDH(Tall, Dark and Handsome) type of guy. He was a cute guy. As a lady bah, you can’t just pass by him, you must turn to have another glimpse. Perfect creation of God.

We started as friends and somehow we both wanted more. You know that point where your bestie seems to be the best person to fill the love vaccum in your life. Are you asking yourself why a young girl like me was all about love at that age and time? Please, don’t be deceived o, the young ones need this love more and they go in search for it no matter what it takes. We do not need only Icecream and cake all the time. We sometimes need hugs, cuddles and kisses.. yes, kisses. The love from home is not always enough most of the time.

Okay, okay, do I sound like a bad girl now…I hope you’re not thinking of me as a bad Badoo baddest girlΒ  I was just a young girl wanting to explore. It happens to every young persn as soon as they tick chapter 18, for some persons,it happens before then. So,I wasn’t a complete bad girl o, there were still things I did not know about or even indulged in at that time. Just to tell you sef,I was a virgin at that time until…hehehehe
I’ll tell you in the next episode.
I’ll tell you some more about my bestie…
I am Antonia and I hate men so much.
Don’t miss the next episode… It’s getting hotter. The end of it will shock you. We have two more episodes to go…Β 

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