Dear Woman, you’re loved.

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Hello everyone, please pardon my long silence. But, I am super excited to be here today to make another amazing post. 

Today, this post is to encourage that special woman out there who is tired of trying…trust me, when I say I understand how you feel.
Women are amazing beings I must confess. Strong, creative, powerful, supportive and distinct. God bless all women for staying strong. One thing I want all women to know is that words cannot describe your worth and essence.
Personally,I have lived all my life through self validation and i must confess that it has helped me in many great ways.
Let’s talk about Validation and Self validation.
Validation means to express understanding and acceptance of another person’s internal experience, whatever that might be. … Selfvalidation is accepting your own internal experience, your thoughts, and your feelings.Selfvalidation doesn’t mean that you believe your thoughts or think your feelings are justified.
How do you validate yourself?

Accept your feelings without judgment.

Sit with your emotions without reacting to them. Don’t tell yourself how you should feel. Accept how you do feel in the moment because you always have a right to feel. Comfort yourself the way a concerned and compassionate parent would.

Never seek validation from anyone…

What does it mean to seek validation? – The world’s favorite online dictionary! defines the term “validate” as “to make valid/confirm/ Substantiate”. Hence seeking validation from othersmeans asking someone to confirm/substantiate/validateyour actions/words/work/your being/ your anything that you want others’ confirmation on.

Tips that enhance self validation.

#practice self love
#learn to accept who you are as you make conscious effort in becoming better everyday
#Develop a greater sense of self worth
#Try to understand why you’re seeking approval and channel it rightly
#Trust yourself and the process
#stop comparing yourself to others… you’re you and that’s fine.
#stay in practice. Keep practicing self validation, self love and everything positive.
#Take a break from social media media. This one right here is necessary trust me. Social media can make you feel less sometimes or make you feel like you’re on a pause it slow motion.
#stay in tune with your inner voice.

Don’t ever seek validation from anyone. Remember they will not always be there. Be your own cheerleader as you progress through life.

Oftentimes when I hear women passing through pains, hurts, humiliation and rejection either from a marriage or relationship, it grieves my heart. Women are not meant to be treated in any way less. They ought to be cherished,respected and valued regardless of her defects and shortcomings. Men go through same stuff too but I think women just go through so much. You’ll be fine my darling.
Please, stay encouraged and know you’re loved.
I celebrate you now and always. See you soon as we get ready to drop a blog series titled ANTONIA… You will love this one! Peace and love.

2 thoughts on “Dear Woman, you’re loved.

  1. Woman woman woman woman, of course you guys are amazing, my mother is a woman so I know, my wife would be a woman also and I'm sure she'd be as amazing as the women on this space….. In a world filled with lots and lots of hate self validation is very important, you'd have to love yourself first, you'd have to push yourself first, you'd have to cheer yourself first, if you don't do it nobody would…

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