Intentional 2020

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We are here already… The 2020 we’ve been waiting for. I don’t believe in new year resolutions sha. If you do, kindly come through and tell me why you believe in it. Meanwhile,I am super excited I’m here blogging and sharing this space with you again. 

Hale and hearty! 

Strong and wiser!

More courageous and God centered!

Indeed,it can only be God.
Before,I proceed, let me wish you Happy New Year  from the depth of my heart❤️. This 2020 go make sense for us by God’s grace. Amen!
One major reason I don’t believe in new year resolutions is the way people forget to put to practice/work all they scribbled down in their beautiful diaries. 
I mean before mid year, people are tired of living by their resolutions. So I ask,why did you tell yourself you were going to do this and that, when it wouldn’t be long,you would be forgetting all you promised to do? Abeg, let’s stop stressing ourselves joo…hehehe
The year has started already, my only advice is that you be a better version of your last year’s self. Shikena! Be better in every aspect of your life. If I have to use one of my favorite lines, Just be intentional about everything. Don’t be too emotional this year;don’t get me wrong,be emotional when the need arises but don’t bring emotions into things that require brevity, wisdom, positive actions for progress sake. Let it be an intentional 2020 for you.
Emotions can mislead you but being intentional will give you peace and progress. I wish you a 2020 filled with joy, happiness, progress, lots of smiles, good health and everything good and nice. 
Thank you for coming through to read my first piece for the year. I hope to journey through this year with you as we unveil the janded stuff we have for you. My team and I are ready to wow you! 
Kindly,drop a comment below to share your view on the new year resolution thingy or at least to wish me A Happy New year. Lots of love.

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