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2019 Gobbe/Iyanu

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Hey lovers of talk2ebijanded’s blog, how are you doing today? We are gradually saying goodbye to this year eeeh. This year sha came with it’s own blessings and lessons. 

Today’s post might be a little emosh as I would be sharing some details of how my 2019 played… I remember that I dropped an article when the year began titled “Is this the 2019 we’ve all beeen waiting for” (feel free to read this article on the blog).
Trust me, 2019 was a huge year for me again…
My faith level grew
I became stronger
I cried and broke down a couple of times (hehehe,that part of me is one funny one Sha,I can cry for Africa).
Don’t get it twisted o, I bounce back fast after the tears drop. 
That’s how janded I can be. I just can’t handle somethings only in my mind or ears; my eyes take active participation as well. 
Basically, my most challenging time in 2019 was becoming a mum. Hmmmm
You see this story bah, I go gist am another
The drama was epic trust me. 
Having to start catering for another person (The baby) was no joke at all. You see women bah, please show them some love. E no easy at all o. Women are super heros. Sometimes, I would look at my little one and just burst into tears… You’re asking why bah? Lol
That life was new, strange, challenging and sometimes you cannot give any excuse to even wanting to chill a little. You just must do the job. Is it about the sleepless nights, the breastfeeding saga(you’re just moving around with someone’s food on your chest..cheeeee,inside life
Omo,leave mata for Mathias. Mums can relate. But in all sha, I’m very grateful for this amazing experience. It’s such a lovely feeling to see how you bond with your little one at the end of the day. They teach you so many things during this process. 
That experience changed me for good, renewed my mindset and made me value mothers more. 
*Here Comes The Body Shammers*
This one right here, brought me to tears a couple of times but I’m glad I fought it well at the end of the day. So many talks flying here and there about how I’m not fat or have reduced… I started imagining if I have been a fat person in my life o.
I mean asides baby fat and all(growing up stage). 
You see bah, people must talk. Don’t let it get to you. That was what I encouraged myself with it during that time. I stopped allowing their words get the best of me. If I needed to cry,I do it calmly and then brace up again.
They played with my emotional side that period o. I mean,I was dealing with a lot of things and trying to cope with this new me; It was not easy trust me, but we are here now almost ticking one year. Yippie! The body Shammers did not win. Lol
My 2019 was also filled with lots of achievements and blessings as well. Most Importantly, I was glad I started my Msc program (I’ve been looking forward to it). 
I published a book in my name titled VERA.
I had a successful back to school outreach for my Foundation. The Siaisiai Ebisidor Foundation (putting smiles on the faces of children as we put them in classrooms).
So many good stuff happened.
That was how my 2019 played itself.
 Please, I would like to hear your side of 2019, the blessings and lessons that came through. At least,share one with me eeeeh. I do hope you had an awesome time as usual? Kindly,drop a comment below. Merci beacoup!

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