Prosperity versus Posterity…

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Person wey get money, get kilobyte o… I mean, you are well mouthed. Today, join me as we talk about prosperity and posterity.

Prosperity is good, I mean very good; is there anyone who doesn’t want to be prosperous in life? There is this feeling of fulfillment you get when you can get just anything you want at any point in time in life, regardless of the price tag. Money is good o. Like the holy book confirms that “Money is a defense”. Let no one tell you it’s not nice to want to be prosperous or have so much money in life.

There are so many prosperous people we have in the world today and i can boldly tell you i’ll be one of them very soon… Don’t doubt me o;just watch this space and you will see things manifest in a short while. You can say this about yourself too eeeeh.

In a nutshell, it is very good to be prosperous in life. Have as much money, investments and everything janded but all that makes no sense with no good posterity.

According to the dictionary, “Prosperity is the state of flourishing, thriving, good fortune, or successful social status. Prosperity often encompasses wealth but also includes other factors which can be independent of wealth to varying degrees, such as happiness and health.”

Posterity on the other hand is the future generations of people. They include your children, great grandchildren or any people who are born after you. If you save something “for posterity,” you’re hoping that years later people will appreciate it, like a time capsule you bury in the yard.

This is my major aim for writing this article today and sharing it with you; As much as you are working towards being prosperous, you must give thought to POSTERITY. This is important because you would not want to be gone and regretting that all you worked for is been mismanaged and not regarded or cherished. One sad truth is that some persons stay alive and see the prosperity they worked so hard for being destroyed by posterity.

We must imbibe the right character in our children. Let us take it from there… Proper upbringing of your kids will secure posterity for you even if you are no longer breathing. You will smile as you watch them utilize the resources you reserved for them[money or investments]. They will make effort to protect your name and integrity.

I heard a story about a very wealthy man who has no good child. I mean he has about 5 children and not one of them is anything to write home about. They lack home training(very disrespectful), they are causing commotion every now and then, The man is either in court trying to handle this case for one child or receiving a call to protect his child/children from shame. This is a highly placed man in the society o, but posterity is already failing him.

What kind of children are you planning to raise?

 Can posterity be proud of you?

Teach your children good morals… let them know the values of your family and how they must do everything possible to protect the image of the family. As I always like to say, that some generations have failed… generations to come cannot fail. We need to right the wrongs of generations before us; most especially as it concerns posterity.

There are some thing you can teach your kids, i will itemize some of them and you can add yours as well.

1: Do not let them over spend. I mean do not give them access to so much money at a very tender age no matter what you have.

2: Teach them to respect everyone. They must learn manner of approach and how to treat people with love.

Please, feel free to add yours as I would really love to hear from you…

Inasmuch, as I would love to talk some more about the image above, I guess I would have to wait and gist it another day… Meanwhile,I totally agree with the image. Nigeria my beloved country. smiles

I do hope you found this piece helpful as we make conscious efforts in focusing more attention on Posterity and not Prosperity alone. Thank you for coming through to read this piece, kindly, leave a comment below. Gracias!

4 thoughts on “Prosperity versus Posterity…

  1. I just can't help but visualize the sense of fulfilment you'll feel when you see your kids acting out all the positive deeds you've sowed in them and watch them make positive impact in the world. Must be a proud moment and a Blessing

  2. Posterity indeed will tell the value of every kind of training the future generation has imbibed from us now! Instilling the right values will be most beneficial for futures to come!

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