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What is purpose?

  Purpose is the reason behind an action or intention.
   Dating with a purpose simply means having the right understanding of what you are about getting yourself into and counting the cost before taking the step. Remember a wise man said “if the purpose of a thing is not known,abuse is inevitable.” Intentions could either be good or bad as the case may be. My focus here would be the good intention.

  Having made it clear that my focus is on the right intention,I would like you to conduct this personal test on yourself to know if you are truely ready to date with a purpose.

1: Am I ready? Readiness is not about age,stature or position in the society. I’m talking about readiness as it concerns compromise, sacrifice,trust… Relationships do not work out because you are old enough, big enough,or well placed in the society. It works out if both parties are ready to make it work regardless of the setbacks you might encounter while trying to make it work.

2: Do I love God Enough.
 Trust me, how much you love God will go a long way in proving how much love you can give to the opposite sex. If you cannot love God 100% and observe His do’s and don’ts,you just might find it hard to love the opposite sex.

Fact:Relationships centred on God works out better. As a matter of fact,your relationship success can be measured by how much you love God.
  God is love.
  God is the mastermind of love.
 How can you love perfectly without knowing the author of Love?
Fact: both parties must know God for themselves most especially as it concerns love..first Corinthian’s 13..

3: Are My Intentions Right:
What are the reasons why you chose that person? What attracted you to the person? Often times, what attracts you to someone is the reason you think you need them and want them for a lifetime.

  Sex, big boobs, big bum,good looks, fat pocket, etc are not the major reasons you should date or accept someone into your life; dating with a purpose requires you to look beyond all that and act right.

 In my quest for knowledge, I have found out that all the qualities we listed, does not make a better relationship. But if you find someone with good looks,you can go ahead but ensure that good looks is not all they have.

 Finally,to date with purpose is to have a positive future in mind already with your partner.. No room for lessons,regrets or hurts..Weigh your intentions.


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