Fri. Sep 18th, 2020


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This promises to be very interactive today and i urge you to feel free to share your experiences and take on this topic. I personally think that the hunger for a ring most especially by the female counterpart is really alarming and uncalled for.

I remember having a conversation with a group of ladies some time last year and i perceived the ring mentality taking it’s lead in their lives… One of the ladies made it clear that she did not want a cheap ring for a proposal and another lady pointed out that she wanted pure diamond rings… As a matter of fact when i heard “Diamond ring” i wondered what it was about the “Ring” everyone was talking about. Please, i used to think that the person giving the ring was more important than the ring itself… Do not get me wrong on this one; I am  not insinuating that the ring should be of no quality or little quality, i only wish that the crave and emphasis for the “Ring” should be reduced.

The ring mentality is gradually leading some ladies into unworthy relationships and some are already in  marriages they never wished for. The male folks perceive this as desperation on our part thereby giving room for deceits. A man approaches a lady for a relationship and the conversation goes thus: ” hey girly, i like you a lot, as a matter of fact you are my kinda lady and i can’t wait to make you mine…”

Lady: ” Really? , i’m not cut out for that man who is not ready to commit… if you are here for joke, i have to please excuse myself”

Guy: ” common pretty lady, you really have to take it easy and hear me out. I want to put a ring on the finger…as a matter of fact i want you to be my wife”

Lady: At the mention of the “Ring” lady becomes extremely interested in the guy and whatever it was  that he was saying. She suddenly forgets her standards and expectations as it concerned relationship and gives in anticipating when the ring would finally rest on the finger. Sometimes this happens fast, other times it never happens and she begins to feel used and dumped.

Ladies, please do not be about the ring only. What happens after he puts a ring on the finger? Focus your attention more on you for now… love yourself enough, find your path, know your strengths and capabilities, know your inadequacies and be ready to work on them… The rush for the ring has misled a lot of women and has landed them in relationships they would not have settled for simply because they allowed the ring mentality rule them. You are not only for the ring; remember you have a life too.

Everyone has got a time to get their ring you know… wait on it patiently, so when it comes, it makes perfect sense and you have peace too. Many have gone wrongly as a result of the rush, please,take a chill pill and let no word from family and friends get to you.


2 thoughts on “THE RING MENTALITY

  1. Yeah maam,i concur rightly with this piece..because often times, people fail to understand the certainties of relationship and marriage,and get carried away with the event of the moment instead of the event for the future.its indeed very paramount for us to be courteous in our thoughts as ladies,and apparently build and groom ourselves on the right standards because there is so much to life than just d"ring factor"..i pray God help us to do nd think of that which is right and relevant..

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