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I am a Madonna student, oya fall in here…
I am delighted to give you a brief definition of the word ‘Morocation’

Morocation can be defined as a situation where by a male and a female agree to meet to discuss pressing issues, express deep affection for one another,share pleasantries and gifts, peck if necessary, hold hands sometimes in fear of the unknown, basically just make a relationship/friendship solidified especially in an environment where strict rules are adhered to(inhumane environment like Madonna) where irrational thinking faculties; those who call themselves bourgeoisie, showcase their sovereignty over proletariat who obviously are the students.
You can use it as a short code too
E.g Moro
Examples are given below with the use of Moro, morocating, Morocate and morocation.
I dey go Moro
You dey morocate abi?
Make we morocate for PavD tomorrow (just wave your hand and I go see you)
Morocation is not allowed, if you’re caught morocating, you’ll be taken to G-unit.

I try abi I no try?
You fit add your own o

I do hope you find this useful. 

Thanks. *Signing out Ebijanded*

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