February 20, 2024

Cyber Depression

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In a world full of pretense and lies, there’s bound to be depression from so many to so many… Today, let’s talk about Cyber Depression. As usual,you know you get the best articles here; so,join me as we read jandedly.
So many things can make one depressed. Money, unemployment, unmet needs, singleness, childlessness, to mention but a few. I must confess that, depression is real and anyone can be depressed at any point in time in life.
I mean, even the strong and mighty… Only God can help. I’ve been a victim of depression and I must tell you, it’s it’s no joke at all.
Cyber depression can be explained as a situation of displaying “an all is well card” when deep down in your heart,you’re hurting. You just smile for the cameras so people can think you smile always… Don’t get me wrong here, smiling is very good o.
Cyber depression is a situation where people think you have it all figured out and probably envy you somehow but then again,you know you’re not truly happy…I mean, the depression that comes when no one is watching or encouraging you, when you are even with your phone and the reality of life steps in. This is the type of depression that the internet gives room for.
Cyber depression is real,I mean legit real. Somebody can post a picture of them looking good and all, but behind the phone is someone crying and wishing they had specific things of life. 
Oftentimes,we are guilty of making others depressed in ways we can’t even fathom. Let me give you some scenarios so you’ll understand my point.
A married person who mocks her single friends…They see you on the internet and feel depressed.
A woman who has a child and mocks another woman who is still trusting God to have her own bundle of joy… You are part of the problem ma.
Someone who has a job and mocks others for staying idle or still searching for a job…
A good looking person (fashion and dress sense) who looks down on another person who looks haggard… Were you never jobless sir/ma? Please, be nice as you are also part of the problem.
A comfortable couple who mocks another couple who is still trying to put things together… Let people grow and evolve with time. Kindly, take your eyes off the issues that do not concern you or take you to the bank. You are part of the problem eeeeh.

I could go on and on you know.

In a nutshell,we seldom depress others in many ways, indirectly or directly,they become depressed as a result of our actions.

Of a truth,the best place everyone sees what everyone is doing even if they choose to act like they did not see anything is right  there in the cyber space. I mean, everyone is watching and wants to know what the other person is up to.
Sometimes,they want to ensure you’re not even above them. Then again, I ask,to what end? If you have somethings others don’t have, please enjoy them in peace and stop mistreating others in many negative ways; especially through the Cyber space. I tell you, Cyber depression is real and you just might be the next victim… hehehe. It’s no curse at all o, please just thread with caution.
Just before I stop typing today, I want to encourage everyone who sees what’s happening in the Cyber space and feel really terrible as though they are not getting anywhere in life and probably think of an escape plan… (some even think of killing themselves…) Please and please,relax okay!
Everyone has got their times and season…even the holy book says same thing “There’s a time for everything…” You may be crying now, just be sure you’ll smile soon. Yes! You may want to ask me when that day will be? I can boldly tell you, that one soon is the day if you stay hopeful and persevere.
Try as much as you can to protect yourself from becoming a victim of cyber depression and don’t let others become depressed because of you. Kindly,share this piece with someone you think needs this. Thanks for always stopping by to read my articles. Don’t forget to say something in the comment section below. See you shortly… Cheers!

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9 thoughts on “Cyber Depression

  1. This is so true,i can relate with it.Its just that alot of persons do not even speak up,they just get weaker in their silence.It is advisable you act as a pedal of encouragement to that friend of yours or neighbour who needs a helping hand and listening ear if you can be of help,instead of clout-chasing or trolling the person with what you've achieved.It doesn't count or make sense actually…Nice One Ebijanded,thanks for keeping it real always.

  2. Nice post Ebi. Instead of being the depresser why not be the motivator. While its important to always be positive, the truth is, life happens and sometimes we cant be in the positive mode always, that is when we need someone to remind us that its okay. That its normal and everything would be fine eventually. Start now and start motivating people and lets reduce depression.

  3. There’ll always be low and high times as we journey through life, this is a reminder we owe ourselves!!
    But like you’ve pointed we should be a beacon of light to people around us, you never know the amount of good you’ve done until it’s done!!
    Thanks Ebijanded💖

  4. @⁨Janded⁩ I never knew "Singleness" can lead to depression, how on earth is that possible…
    In all I think cyber depression is real to the extent that we allow it. @⁨Janded⁩ What I mean is that someone who uses an Android phone and surfs the internet to some extent should be expectant of some pretense from "world people" people will portray themselves to be what they are not and this is basic. So for me those that allow themselves to fall into cyber depression does that at their own peril. For heaven's sake we should know that people want to tell you that they are succeeding in marriages, work, finance, relationships etc. But this should not be a ground for depression, it should not at all…

  5. I love this but my dear people view post and comment on social media with a free mind. Depression is not worth it because of people's update on social media ohh. God will help us

  6. Nice piece dear…. This cyber depression is so real that you don't even need the persons to mock you as exemplified by you. We all truly have to be careful about what we assimilate cos not everyone can manage what we digest as we are wired differently. But in all, I strongly believe that whatever we view on the cyber space should help in motivating us as we celebrate their successes whether real or not. As a preacher once said "you attract what you celebrate". On a final note…. You're doing great my darling. ��

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