Mothers have failed

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If you’re a mum, come in now to read this piece. Singles are also permitted to fall in too as one day, you will become a mum as well. Guys are permitted to have a good read eeeh.
 As usual,I drop lovely articles you can relate with,so you’re absolutely in the right place.
Mothers why? I mean why are we like this? I know our mothers failed us… Do we want to fail our daughters? I’m so pained right now. Let’s roll so I can just tell you what’s up for today.
I remember vividly, growing up and watching my brothers play like there’s no tomorrow (sometimes,I wished I could join them), naaah,mama was training me to be a good girl, lady and then wife/mother.
I remember washing their clothes sometimes, assisting in kitchen duties, running errands and serving the whole family (food activities) on many occasions. My brothers were so happy to be served as they would even wait patiently for you to bring it to them. Lol
I do not blame them anyways as that’s exactly how society has made it to be. Men are served and women are the severs(I can never call a woman a servant as that’s not who she is).
We cannot fail our daughters… We need to change this mindset. Please,do not get me wrong here; I am only saying same focus/training should be given to both gender. Let the boys do same thing as the girls so the society can be a good place to dwell in.
Who on earth raised the boy who maltreats a girl?
Who is the mum that raised that boy that thinks women belong to the kitchen?
Who is the mum that raised that guy that sees assisting his wife in home matters as demeaning?
Who is the mum that raised a boy that thinks girls are sex toys?
Who is the mum that raised  the boy who impregnates a girl and decides not to take responsibility or even tell the girl to commit an abortion when he would have possibly abstained or used a condom?
Yes I said condom, as it’s best to protect oneself if you’re mature enough to have sex and think you cannot abstain. My dear,use protection!
I ask again, who is that mum? There are so many questions I would love to ask but i guess you get my point already.
Our mothers have failed us but we definitely cannot fail our daughters. We must raise our sons well.
We pay so much attention on the girl child and leave the boy child to himself who apparently becomes a problem in the society tomorrow if left alone with no direction,guide or counsel.
Do not forget that the girl you train today is at the detriment of an untrained boy… This leaves me to ask you this question today,what kind of mum do you want to be tomorrow?
I have made up my mind to be that super janded mum that gives utmost attention to her boy child and also to her girl child; You should make this decision today as well so we can make the world a better place.
Today’s boy, Tomorrow’s man!
I do hope you find this piece interesting and worth sharing with everyone… See you shortly.  Don’t forget to drop a comment below.

8 thoughts on “Mothers have failed

  1. This is indeed a beautiful piece..As mothers are key role players in bringing up and training kids, it's in our hands to do right, so our daughters can enjoy life too.

  2. This is a great post,Eye opening actually but I feel mothers shouldn't be the only ones to blame as the man also should be responsible and be a part of the boys upbringing. Fathers/Men should learn to take responsibility of playing their part in raising the children right too and not just leave it to the mothers. May God make us better parents. Amen

  3. This is so true as a Nigerian happily married to an American it was an issue in my first year of marriage as my hubby never allowed me to serve him, he kept washing my clothes up till now I told him it’s wrong because I was brought up to wash while the men sat and washed TV by my hubby told me that’s wrong and that we are a team. I struggled with this so much as I thought I had failed my parents but now I know better and would never let my children regardless of sex think that being a man means not helping with chores or vice versa. Thank you!!

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