Fri. Sep 18th, 2020

An Angel In Human Form

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I write this piece today from a happy place not forgetting how life was a couple of years back. I am sincerely grateful that God used this young man to save a soul… God bless you real good dear.

Let’s make some progress so I can tell you what he did.

The year 2017 was hot hot for me; I mean really hard. It was a confusing year.

No money
No job
No happiness
Nothing at all.

I was in Lagos, looking like all was well with me but deep down I was hurting, mehn, that phase was crazy eeeh. I remember writing an article on it…click the link below to read the lovely piece.;postID=3593104742025163846;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=36;src=postname.

Peradventure,the link does not open, feel free to look through my articles, (The dark phase is the title). You will love it trust me!

On this fateful day, I was sitting outside wondering what was happening to me and how everything seemed not to be working out for me and then Ajibola Osho came to chill with me.

Ajibola: Good evening sister

Me: Good evening o

Ajibola: Please, can I sit with you?

In my mind, I was wondering who he was and what he wanted, but then again, no be me kuku get the chair so I allowed the young man to sit jejely. Little did I know that he was an answer to  my prayer. I had not taken lunch that day and was not even sure of a good dinner. I just promised myself that las las I go just drink garri and I go dey alright.

To be honest, having to type this today and looking back to yesterday, I just have to admit that God never leaves His children and He has it all figured out.

That day Ajibola asked me if I had eaten,something in me wanted to lie just because I was forming fine geh, but I had to summon courage to say the truth; trust me when I say it was difficult to say and much more difficult for him to believe. Well, to cut the long story, he asked me to come along with him as he wanted to pick up a few stuff from a near by shop and I reluctantly followed him, I mean I was just meeting this person that day; though he told me his house was just the next one after mine but I had never seen him before so I was skeptical to go with him but he assured me that he meant no harm and that we would not be gone for long so I just had to trust him a little… I was scared somehow o, I no go lie but I told myself to hide the fear.

We got to the shop and he asked me to take anything I wanted… I looked at him in shock and almost in tears still trying to refuse the kind gesture o,lol. Me, way hungry dey catch o…hehehe

I picked few stuff and told him I was good with them but he refused saying I should pick some more,eeeeh, is this really happening tonight I thought to myself. I’m okay with these ones I already picked, thank you so much…Oga refused o, he picked a couple of other things that can last me for 5 days from that day. To be honest, I cried. I was just overjoyed and somehow in shock also.

In my head, what kept playing was THIS CAN ONLY BE GOD.
Thank God I did not go to bed hungry that night. Ajibola did not stop his niceness that day o. he continued showing care and trust me when I say there were no strings attached even till till date, we are still in touch and I never forget what he did for me.

There is another kind gesture of someone else I would have shared here today but I guess that will be some other time as I do not intend this post to be lengthy and as it is right now, it’s already getting long so I guess I would have to draw the curtain close here.

There is something I want you to leave here with after reading this post today which is; do good to people when you have the means to, it definitely comes back to you somehow…

Thank you Ajobola for saving a soul that night… I am very grateful.
Thank you also for coming through to read this piece. Please, do leave a comment below and you can share your experience of how someone came through for you… See you soon.

6 thoughts on “An Angel In Human Form

  1. Awesome story.God has His angels everywhere.I have also had God provide for me through the most unlikely vessels in times of dire need so I can relate.
    Ajibola Osho may God always send you helpers before any of your need arises in Jesus name.

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