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Mentors are people you look up to simply because they are treading on your future path…You admire them and wish to be like them or better than them. Truth is whether you like it or not you are mentoring someone knowingly or unknowingly; so i hope you are a good mentor…

Growing up, i had a number of persons i looked up to and prayed to meet one day but i have met only a few in person, followed steadfastly the ones i can till date and some i never met simply because life happened to them so i find myself following the legacies they left behind. However, this post is to remind us of the young ones who are coming behind us, what legacy are you leaving for them? Have you been a good mentor?

Mentors are leaders in their sphere of influence.They ensure to keep doing something good until someone takes over from them. They are important because someone needs to know another’s got their back and make you understand how important you are.
Mentors  look at enabling a long term growth and stability in order to be the leverage for others. It involves a lot of planning, listening and working on self development. we sometimes don’t have the strength to get up but we do it for the future.

There are certain traits a mentor is supposed to possess but dwelling on listening skills is basic. To be able to mentor a person, there should be something to look up to in your life and the mentee needs to be on a certain level of friendship to give you room to mentor.
A great mentor is supposed to tell,explain,demonstrate and inspire. its not what we give but what we share, a gift without the giver is bare and that’s what is happening in our society today.
Lots of persons are hoarding their knowledge or don’t know how to pass on the gift so we have a lot of wanderers, searching for mentors.

Mentors are scarce because the ones who are willing to work and are living exemplary lives are all big shots and reaching out to them could cost you.
I believe everyone is a mentor, depending on how you see yourself and your growth level. Mentoring depends a lot on what the mentee wants out of life; Remember, its not enough to just show up, you have to have a plan.

There are mentors everywhere cause a lot of people are doing bits, we need to ask ourselves what we want and are projecting: 30 years from now, it won’t matter what shoes you wore,what your hair looked like but its what you’ve learned, how well you used it and passed it on that’ll matter.

As a result of what i do, i often hear people say they wish to be like me and ask very sensitive questions on how to be better and get somewhere great in life; i admire the sincere need in their quest for knowing and wanting much more from life so i give my best help and direct them in their chosen paths…
A good mentor does not only raise his kind, but they are concerned about making people better than they were, becoming more courageous and daring, believing in themselves and never letting go. The most interesting thing about the persons that have approached me in respect to this topic are not writers or speakers, some things really different from what i do, but i give them advises however and lead them.

 This is so true!!!
I am a product of someone who is no longer in existence, in the person of Pastor Mrs Bimbo Odukoya[late].
That woman shaped me in so many great ways. I was inspired by her works. I am eternally grateful to God that she found her path, because through her, i found mine.
I am very sure she was also inspired by a great mentor…

 I made a post on facebook sometime last year and here it goes ” IF I PICK UP TEN RANDOM KIDS TODAY AND HELP THEM BECOME BETTER, THOSE TEN KIDS TODAY, WILL LOOK FOR ANOTHER TEN TOMORROW, THAT TEN WOULD LOOK FOR ANOTHER TEN, THAT TEN, WOULD LOOK FOR ANOTHER TEN AND MY ONE OF MY KIDS MIGHT BE ONE OF THEM…” Tables turn you know. All we are doing is securing the future of those coming after us.

This is the major reason for this post. Where are the mentors? Where are the ones to guide the paths of the younger generation? Where are the ones that have built or are building themselves? What have you learnt that you can pass on for good? Are you a good mentor? What’s your life like?

I hear people say the young ones today are going the wrong way and choosing the right path and all that comes to my mind is the big question  who are they watching?

They are most times not better than what they watch or watching. what do they see? what do they hear? what  and who do they spend most of their times with? All of this matters a lot. You don’t expect them to watch you do wrong things, converse vulgarly and expect them to be the smartest kid. what they constantly see, is who they might be; so ensure to show them the right things.

And most importantly, listen to them. Not listen to judge them however. When they seem to be going astray, call them to order… you are supposed to be their watch dog. One thing i tell people is this, you can look out for people and they don’t have to be related to you or even pay you for services rendered. Do not get me wrong here, i don’t mean you should be all cheap and everywhere but always ensure to put the young ones on track. Simply be a good mentor!

“whether or not you were mentored by someone yesterday, work towards becoming a mentor tomorrow;stay humble and available so you can mentor others someday” Ebijanded 

I long to read your thoughts in this regard; please do leave a comment and suggest ways we can make this work. looking forward to hearing from you.

7 thoughts on “WHERE ARE THE MENTORS?

  1. This is so motivating…we sure do av a role to play in the lives of those around,just to add thus to it,there are 3 things to always put into consideration:time,preparation and maximising opportunities
    …these factors goes a long way with mentoring people..Nice one ebijanded,God bless you ma'am.

  2. This is an insightful article which can equip us for a robust uprising of a stronger generation. However, we need to develop this as a corporate culture if it must gain traction amongst others.

  3. Everyone is busy pursuing a career or financial independence that people lack time to sit an mentor especially the upcoming generation. A wonderful career and financial independence is excellent but I pray God to give us a burdern to groom the next generation because negative influence is really on the increase.
    God bless you Ebi

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