February 20, 2024

The Child we once loved

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Hihi,to all lovers of talk2ebijanded blog

You guys make me want to write always. As usual, I’m here with a lovely piece. You know how we do it eeeh; okay, let’s roll.

Today, I’m dropping this piece to remind us that every child is important and all we need to do is show them love.

The cry of a new born child is priceless.
The entry of a child into a home brings joy unspeakable.

But what happened to the child we once loved?

No child should be loved less
No child should be treated as unworthy
Even if he child is slim or chubby
Even if the child is ugly or fine
Even if the child is light skinned or dark skinned
Even if the child is healthy or unhealthy
Whatever the case may be, every child is worthy of love, care, attention and provision.

Again I ask, what happened to the child we once loved?
Is the child not helpless  and alone today?
Probably roaming the street with little or no attention.
No provision of food or shelter of any kind.

I think, not in school as well… Looking unkept.

Sometimes, they even ask you for a little help maybe for their parents or themselves so they can be fine or feed… What did you do for that child?
Don’t forget,that child was once loved,celebrated and cared for.

Now you may say, “I try as much as I possible to cater for my kids and I totally think that’s fine…”

Naaaah, if all you are comfortable with is catering for just your immediate family, you need to really change that mindset as there is so much need out there waiting to be met,most especially the need of a child once loved.

No parent is happy when they can’t meet the needs of their child/children. But tell me,do we put the blame on the child? As a matter of fact, he/she was once loved.

Anything can happen at any time to any family and they are rendered helpless, leaving them in the hands of some few persons who care.

If there’s anything you can do for a child,please kindly do it well. The child once loved deserves to be loved forever and definitely not loose his/smile.

I visited few of the kids under the care of my foundation and I could not stop smiling. Please, feel free to join an initiative that still cares for The child once loved.

Feel free to send us an email on siaisiaiebisidorfoundation@gmail.com to support the Child once loved or call 08166388260. Looking forward to hearing from you. Together we can look out for The Child We once loved. 

Kindly share this piece to anyone you think can be a blessing to a child somewhere. Let’s make it work.

Thank you for stopping by today… Let’s do this again soonest. Do take care of you and smile always.

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