Love Is A Beautiful Thing.

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Hello dear readers,
Today i have an interesting article i want to share with you, but it’s a bit personal. Before i proceed, i would like to state here categorically that a friend who stays glued to my blog inspired this as a result of what happened to my status on the 17th of March. She asked deep questions and pleaded that i share my thoughts on my blog so everyone can read. So here we go…

The first question she asked was WHAT IS LOVE?

I smiled as i told her i could not define it. Really, can anyone define love? Personally, the only love i can define is that of God; any other kind of love cannot be defined by me…smiles. You can help define it so she can get it from this article. To make it easy, she wanted to know more about the love that exists between a boy and a girl, man and woman as the case may be. Honestly, that kind of love is luck from above as sometimes we can love someone genuinely but they feel nothing for us and trust me when i say it really hurts. I have been in that situation before and the feeling is crazy. So when you find someone who you have a thing for and the person gives you a good vibe,my dear that could be it o. But be careful what you call LOVE anyways.


Okay, my answer was genuine because a friend of mine advised that low key was best till it was true. I remember vividly how i called her up then to share my love story with her after series of heart break stories and she was just like”oh!common Ebi, i cannot wait to start celebrating ideal love stories rather than stories that end up in tears”. OMG!!! It felt like she was not happy for me but i  took that word and promised myself to keep it low till it was the right time. Trust me when i say i did not tell it to anyone till it was almost time… for this one time, i decided to stay low about my relationship commitments as screaming about it would not have made it work anyways. Please, do not get me wrong here, you can be all out there with your relationship commitments and that is absolutely fine but personally, i believe now that low key is the master key.

The Third question she asked was HOW DID I KNOW THAT HE WAS THE ONE FOR ME.

Okay, I have always prayed to God to marry someone i can fulfil purpose with as that was a major thing for me. I did not want to have to explain to him about what i love and how i wish to achieve more. Most importantly, i wanted my PEACE as marriage is a long journey and i would not want to go with so much worries and burdens. I wanted to travel light. I always tell people to ensure that they are happy with whom they settle with; not asking people if they think he is good for them. Find your peace and live with it. So basically, i made it clear to her that i had my convictions and most especially because he has proven to be a trusted friend and highly supportive partner. When you find that person, you will definitely know it is time to make it real and right.


  • Someone who has a relationship with God
  • Someone who has love and respect for you and family
  • Someone who supports and encourages you to achieve more and believes in you
  • Someone who makes you feel good about you
  • Someone who makes you feel comfortable around them
  • Someone who can build with you
  • Someone who prays with you and for you.
  • Someone who makes you laugh from within and puts smiles on your face
  • Someone who puts you first in their agenda
  • Someone who is disciplined, sincere and faithful.

We talked over a couple of things but i would love to stop here for today. But before i stop typing, i just want to encourage that special someone giving up on love to stay put. Love will definitely find you and the right person will say Hello or respond with a Hi! All i just advise is that you find you first, love yourself enough, work on you now and decide to make life easy for the person you finally fall in love with. LOVE INDEED IS A BEAUTIFUL THING.

Till i come your way again, always remember the world is waiting to reckon with your uniqueness. stay janded!

5 thoughts on “Love Is A Beautiful Thing.

  1. Talk2ebijanded is One place I always long for more..your words are full of wisdom ma'am.

  2. Love is a beautiful thing indeed. One day everyone will find that special someone. Do not give up. My dear readers I deeply feel that keeping your relationship on low key is best. God bless you Ebi and happy married life again

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