How I wish that babies come with Manual

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Manuals would have made the job a whole lot easier you know…lol. You just woman up and do the job. I salute all mothers eehh.
The trip I made in becoming a mum shaped every aspect of me and changed my mindset on a couple of things; especially how I see other mums. I mean, it’s no joke at all.
After childbirth, you see people coming around to help with stuff(most especially to carry the little one as they stare and smile at the priceless gift).
It’s an amazing feeling I must confess.

Reality check! “Okay Mummy Ethan,I need to go and do something in my house, or step out to get something;please, carry your baby”
LOL… This can be really heartbreaking at times, especially if you have been super stressed or just overwhelmed with mummy duties since the little one arrived. Anyways,you just get the baby and show some love regardless.
Anyone can carry a child (I mean, throw the child up,tickle him or her, stroll around or even feed the child) Caring for a child is a different ball game altogether. All morning, nights,in sickness, sleeplessness, tiredness, anything… That’s exactly my point. Mum’s are priceless!
Oftentimes, I hear those who have little or no knowledge about this stage of life say so much and I just smile. I mean, just wait till you experience it for yourself and you will learn to speak good about that mum you’re tearing apart simply because she’s trying to put it all together.
All you do for her child is carry the child…she does much more for the child; She cares… It’s a lifetime job you know. Show her some love and support/encourage her. Mothers are strong indeed.

When you see any mum, please, kindly give her a hug and tell her I said she’s simply amazing. You can bless a mum with this article as well. Don’t forget to drop a comment below and share this piece. See you soon.

3 thoughts on “How I wish that babies come with Manual

  1. Beautiful piece. I do love my mum a whole lot, but after child birth, I grew a deeper sense of love for her. Like I'll always tell people "Who no go,no know".

    Please let's value our mother's, it's truly not an easy task to care for and raise a child.

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