Sat. Sep 19th, 2020

Don’t Make My Mistake.

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Hi everyone,

I sincerely do miss you all as i have not blogged in a while due to some positive commitments lately.  Please, pardon my silence. Okay, i’m here now, let’s get down to business.

Sometime last month, i had an inspiration and decided to share it with a great mind and she welcomed the idea and the rest is history now as we made the idea a reality.


Not everyone  can boldly tell you their mistake(s) and most times people pretend not to have made a mistake… probably they fear to be laughed at or ridiculed but i can tell you this categorically that everyone has made a mistake sometime in their life. Maybe while growing up or even as an adult. That friendship or relationship you got involved in that messed you up and probably you were warned not to delve into it or to come out of it, that sexual abuse you experienced, that drinking habit as a result of youthful exuberance, i could go on and on but you know the mistake you made. Now the idea is not to judge anyone because i personally believe that we are all products of our mistakes whether good or bad;it is absolutely your choice to make if you want to allow the mistake you made haunt you forever. But if i were to render an advice to you, it would be that it is high time you moved on. Mistakes are normal as no one is perfect. As you go through life, you realize that you are a lot better as a result of the mistakes you made that helped you become the YOU now. Do not be ashamed of that mistake you made;instead, you can help others to take the right step and decisions in life as a result of your mistake. That was the reason for the hangout.


Oftentimes, people relate well and better in hangouts than events as everyone is allowed to express themselves and not get judged as we assured everyone that it was going to be a safe place. Just come,talk to someone and feel better. Indeed, it was fun as i personally learnt from other people’s experience.


I shared some mistakes i made with everyone on that day and i would like to tell you all about it too as there is actually no point hiding them anymore as i have become better than all that today.

First mistake i made was looking up to people for validation. Now, i bet you that so many have made same mistake or still making that mistake. When i tell people i grew up with a little bit of low self esteem problem, they doubt me, but that is the truth. I never believed in me so i waited to hear words of affirmation from people i look up to and that was not cool at all for me as i struggled so hard to keep them close just to make me feel better… Thank God i am a whole lot better as i learnt from a hard way that at the end of the day, you are your best cheer leader and the only one who can validate yourself.

Another mistake i made was dating too early. I actually started dating from a naive age and that led to a long lasting relationship and you know some defects of a long lasting relationship especially as a young innocent girl who had little or no knowledge about who she was and the future ahead of her. I really wish i did not get involved with the opposite sex too early but then again, i do not love myself less as all that has contributed to the amazing Ebijanded today…smiles. Of a truth, the basic thing i needed to know then was who i was and who i wanted to become but all that was on a pause until i found me eventually.

But the again, tell others not to make my mistake.

We were 27 persons in attendance on that day as we gisted and shared experiences… We scheduled the hangout for 2hours and so it was as we commenced at 2pm and closed by 4pm. I sincerely had a great time with everyone and got positive feedback from those who attended. Some of them are looking forward to the next hangout already… I hope you will hangout with us when we schedule for another time out. YES YOU! Looking forward to seeing you there as appropriate information in that regard would be communicated across to us when due.

I learnt something great  from my amiable Co Host, Jeetee while planning this hangout that we should be careful whom we discuss great ideas with as some people have the ability to thwart a brilliant idea. With that said, i must commend you my dear friend for ensuring that the hangout was worthwhile. Looking forward to greater hangouts with you soonest. I know you will definitely see this post so i will just state here that i cherish you a lot and you have inspired me in many great ways.

One last word before i leave you all today, always remember you are better than your mistakes and you should never let your mistakes deter you from achieving your dreams and aspirations. Yes, you can love again, you can pursue a career and you can be anything you want to be in life. Please, feel free to tell us one mistake you made and how you overcame. The major reason is to ensure that we don’t keep making the mistakes of others. Don’t make my mistake.

Till i come your way again, remember the world is waiting to reckon with your uniqueness, find it!

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