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Yaba Connect. Episode 4

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“Danielle, I want you to find a place in your heart to forgive me for keeping this away from you for so long”
I looked at him as he spoke and asked him to speak already.
“Truth is, I have someone”
SOMEONE? I don’t get. What exactly do you mean, please tell me everything.
” Okay, I have been seeing this lady for a while now, I mean before i met you. It’s not been easy keeping the relationship as she is in the UK. We’ve been dating for a while now. We were dating before she left for UK and both our parents are aware of our intentions”

I could not just deal with the information as I just had to cut him. You’re a wicked person Lanre. How come you never mentioned it to me. I mean you can kill someone. I was already in tears as it hurt more that that of Steve because I did not see this coming at all. He kept apologizing and telling me how difficult it was for him to say it. Spare me the tales please.

 You know what, i need to leave now as your sight is irritating me right now. He did not allow me leave at all as he kept pleading that he did not want me to leave in that manner. I stayed back a little to put myself together and then he saw me off to my place but all through the walk, I did not say a word as he kept apologizing  for the pain he caused me. I was deeply hurt but deep down in my heart  I knew it would be difficult to live without him as I was already so fond of him.

You can call it CRUSH but it felt so real, I just wanted it to work somehow. Finally, we were at my gate and I just bade him goodbye and hurriedly went inside as I did not want to see his face at all. That night, he called like 7 times but I was just forming vex and refused taking the call. I felt bad though but i was deeply hurt as I thought I had found love at last. I mean, I was not asking for too much na, just to have a guy to myself who is genuinely going to stay committed to me; well, i guess it’s just too much to ask or wish for. I slept with the thoughts that night and it was finally dawn.

 I decided to live my life without him for days and get 100% committed to my training as i could not wait for NYSC to just call us for service. I was just tired of everything. It was not easy ignoring his calls, i missed talking with him as he never seized to make me smile. One day, i decided to take his calls and we were both glad that night as we spoke at length and somehow got loving up again… I mean has this ever happened to you before; loving someone who is committed to another? I just could not let him go so I decided to be his Naija chick. It was not really easy having to deal with the thought of him having someone else but at least he managed the scenario well and did not allow it affect us.

 I was now very addicted to him, so very addicted. It felt good but it was completely wrong. I never thought I was going to be in this kind of mess in my life; here I was completely in a messed situation. Trust me when I say having a crush and getting involved with him is one crazy thing anyone can do as i knew I needed divine intervention to come out of it. I could not resist him at all as he made me happy always. One day,I called him up and asked that we had a sit out as I wanted to speak with him, he came with great expectation of us cuddling up and spending quality time together but I gave him the shock of his life as I summoned courage and told him IT WAS OVER AND THAT I COULD NOT GO ON WITH IT BECAUSE IT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE THERE IS A FUTURE FOR US…He stared at me as though he wanted to cry since he did not see it coming at all. I cared less…

 I think my brain started booting again and I just knew I had to face reality and fight for my worth. It was not easy o, I mean as I watched him leave the door, I wished I could call him back and tell him I was just joking and probably just hug and kiss him passionately, but I could not say those words at all. Where on earth did this courage come from? I cried as he walked out of my sight. I mean it was a tough one for me.

Days passed without having anything to do with Lanre and finally NYSC released her list of eligible candidates and i was posted away from Lag. I was very happy. At least, i’ll stay far from him. Days passed, months passed and we did not even keep in touch. I was just trying to avoid him as I was not sure of myself, I did not trust myself enough not to fall so i decided to keep off completely.

 Fast forward to 2 years after I finished serving and I was just on my bed that evening and my phone rang… hmmm… LANRE?

 I knew he was the one because I never forgot the digits at all… Crushes are not easy to forget though. We talked very well that day but I promised myself not to let emotions rule me this time again as I knew nothing could happen between us. We spoke and he finally told me he was already married to that lady and that they were expecting a baby… did I feel bad? yeah, kinda because I still felt something for him a little but I just pretended to be fine.

I’m really happy for you o, I  mean you finally tied the knot with her. Congratulations. We spoke and he could not stop telling me how much he loved me and wished we could still be friends… He does not want to loose my friendship as i’m really dear to him.

I smiled as I told him we could still be friends with no strings attached. I really loved him sha I can’t lie. Sincerely, that crush was a deep one but I thank God for delivering me from a deadly crush.

Finally I found my own true love too. I am actually getting ready to walk down the aisle with the man of my dreams in few weeks time so I thought it wise to share my story just to let every lady out there know that she can walk out from a second best relationship, I mean you deserve to be with a man that will stay faithful and sincere to you. You don’t have to stay with a crush and keep hurting yourself plus wasting your time on a man who is in love with another woman. If he loves you sincerely, he will do it right with you… I do hope this makes sense anyways.

I and Lanre are still good friends today but no strings attached. we both found genuine love eventually. Love Can Find You Too.


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