Thu. Nov 26th, 2020

The Dark Phase…

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Life can be really strange sometimes. Trust me when i say at that point in my life, i could not think straight;as a matter of fact everything stopped working out somehow and i thought that was the end. I am writing this article today to encourage someone who is probably experiencing the dark phase in their life. Read through this article and be inspired.


Sincerely, that year was crazy for me. I mean everything stopped working and i had the worst of everything. I could not even encourage myself as i knew only God could help at that point. Where did i go wrong was all i could ask myself, who did i offend o…abi my village people has finally succeeded ni? hehehe. I thought of so many things as i wondered what it was i missed or did not do right. Not until few months after then that i realized it was only normal for one to go through a dark phase. There is something beautiful about it if you would just stay strong;hey!did i just say stay strong and someone said aloud”How else can one be strong again”. You need all the strength in the world to stay put in that phase, hence you might loose the message and the benefit of it.

I lost hope in myself. My dreams and aspirations seemed far fetched as it was all on a stand still. I could not see anything real about my beautiful future;it seemed like a mirage that year. I lost some good friends and got involved with messed up guys. I mean everything was just wrong. I was praying but it seemed heaven shut it’s doors at me. I got it up to point zero. I thought i could find my path and answer the puzzles of life, so i had my loins girded and headed for lag to see if i can find a path there, but i guess it was not in God’s plan for me so i was working in my own plan then. I always appeared beautiful as though all was well with me but deep down inside, i was hurting…my soul was yearning for a miracle…my nights were full of thoughts and tears… All i could do was knock on Heaven’s door,yet no reply. Me, my number one fan and the first motivator of me,it’ll shock you that i could not even motivate or inspire myself at that time, i needed help from above.

One of those days in 2016, i think Heaven knew i had given up completely and decided to open her door… I was glad Heaven did.  I spoke to Heaven as though she was my friend and i lamented asking why it took her so long to come to my rescue. I mean did i have to call and not get a response? Where would she have had me go instead… well,that was a phase that brought tears to my eyes and all  i could do then was pray that the cup pass. Oh yeah!!!  It did eventually.

You may be wondering why this post is coming today; well, i have come to realize that it’s only normal for everyone to go through that phase as they go through life, so this is me writing to encourage you to stay strong as you go through this dark phase;it will pass and you will come out very strong. I must say that it’s not easy and it may not be as easy as i am saying it right now, but you must fight strong just so you can win.

Of a truth, i look back today and smile at the lessons i learnt from the year 2016 which was my dark phase… That year made me the me you can reckon with today i must confess. Feel free to share a dark phase of your life and how you overcame.

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