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Today the 15th of July, 2023 as I sit to write this article, I am reminiscing on how life has been and how hard life would have been if I had not come in contact with an amazing personality in the person of Mr Taiwo Onipede. Wow! Indeed I can never forget you. Please, take your well-deserved flowers.

I remember vividly how I started my secondary school journey in 1999 there in Ojo High School. I know for sure that my relationship with him began in the days of literature and government. I’ll say this anywhere, Mr Onipede is the best teacher anytime for those subjects. To date, I still remember how he teaches and some of the things he mentioned back then in school even after getting married with two lovely kids. Please, take your well-deserved flowers, sir.

Talk about debate without mentioning his name? No way! How he pushed me back then till I joined the press club, became the president of the press club and succeeded in writing/publishing a bulletin. I remember having a special place in that bulletin tagged “Aunty Ebi’s Column”. People sent in questions and yours truly answered wisely as usual. I wish I could get a copy of that bulletin. Till my last breath, I’ll always be grateful to God for bringing you my way. You deserve these flowers, sir!

Fast forward to when I wanted to publish my first book, VERA; He was there till the very end of the production. He read the book and commended me for writing such a beautiful story. Maybe he had forgotten that he made me the beautiful writer that I am today. I cannot even talk about my life’s journey without mentioning your name, sir. Take your beautiful flowers!!!

To this very day, we are very much in touch. Funnily enough, I know his number off hand, and that is to let you know that he has greatly impacted my life for good. We call each other on our birthdays and drop comments on our social media space when we see our posts. He has never stopped encouraging me to keep moving or telling me how much he’s proud of the woman I’ve become today. You deserve these flowers, sir.

If I had a free microphone and a space to tell the world how amazing you are as a person and how your believing and supporting me back then in school helped me become this confident and prolific writer today, I’ll do it so well that the day wouldn’t be enough to tell it all. Since all that may be far-fetched at the moment and I think it’s rather important to tell you in person now that you are still here and to also let the world know that we still have good teachers, I decided to use my blog…..Thank you, sir!!!

You are a father,
A friend,
A Mentor,
A teacher,
A role model,
A wise man,
An intelligent man,
Everything great I can think of.

You deserve these flowers today sir.
Take them, you are all these and much more. Thank you once again. God bless you immensely.

                                                                Your Daughter,
                                                          (As you fondly call me)

If he has been a blessing to you, do drop a comment below and give him his well deserved flowers too.

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