“Danielle o, what are you thinking about na? I mean you’ve been on that chair for over 2 hours now. Is everything okay with you? Okay, i’m here if you want to talk to someone sha. I just hope sey no be love mata again o”

Those were words from Maria who happens to be my closest friend back then in school. I’m fine o was all i could respond to her but deep down i was hurting as i and Steve were having it hot then. He had fears about me graduating and relocating so far from him. He picked on every little thing i did or did not do; i mean it was not a good feeling at all but i did not know how to communicate that to Maria as she would only tell me to take it easy.

 I was also going to miss him as well and feared that distance might ruin our beautiful relationship, but i was trying to manage the feeling so we don’t end up ruining everything before time. So one day i summoned courage and demanded we talked things out and at least proffer solutions on how to manage the distance thing and how he communicated showed how much he feared the distance thing.

“I just don’t feel good about you leaving. Don’t get me wrong o, i’m really happy about you graduating but i just don’t know how things will play between us. You will meet more fulfilled guys than me and you know Lag is the happening place where the big boys with flashy cars reside; I just feel you will end up leaving me to fate. I really love you my Princess, i mean dearly. Please don’t break my heart and don’t make me have doubts about you. I want this to work. Just stay true to me and wait till i can get enough money to make you my bride”

Hmmmmm, those words sounded real as it came straight from his heart but all i did was assure him that all was going to be well and that i was going to stay true to our commitments. Come to think of it, have you forgotten that you are my cherri coco?

As soon as i said that, he gave a lovely smile as he held my hands and planted a kiss on my forehead. I managed to calm the situation that day and we were both fine after all. I had barely 2 weeks to graduating so i spent most of the time with him especially as he took 6 days off work just so we could cuddle and show each other love as we were going to miss each other badly. I and Steve got intimate few times but our relationship was not basically about it. I mean he was a good guy o but his insecurity issue was just out of this world, but i loved him sincerely.

Fast forward to just one week after i graduated, things got really difficult between us. He got angry at the slightest provocation and asked many unnecessary and suspicious questions every time. I got tired of the drama at some point and was gradually loosing out on love with him. I tried calming him down but he wouldn’t listen as his fears got the best of him. One day, i asked him to relocate to Lag if he could not handle it but he gave a thousand and one reasons why it can never be possible.

“I don’t have anyone in Lag, Getting a job there might be really difficult, The life there is really expensive plus Lagos is one busy place i don’t even like to reside at all”

Then don’t complain nau, since there is nothing we can do about it… Those were my words to him as i perceived the talk was unnecessary and he was only trying to communicate his insecurities as usual. WE have to deal with it for now since that’s all we have o Steve.

“Okay, okay, it’s fine. i will be fine. Just be fine. I’ll speak with you tomorrow after work”

oh really? Just like that?

” what else am i to say now? I’m confused at the moment.

Okay, no problems. Just take good care of you. Goodnight.

That night, i was deep in thought as i just felt the relationship was ending somehow. I prayed for dawn to show up but it took a longer time that day and all i could do was stare at the ceiling.

Days passed… waiting for NYSC was another concern again as i was bored at home and my mum felt i needed to get busy and advised that i enrolled for catering classes since i have always shown interest for stuff in that regard. I loved the idea and the next person i thought about was Steve as i hurriedly picked up my phone and dialed his number to share the info with him. I made him understand that as much education is imporatnt, one cannot depend solely on it as it is only wise that one gets another source of income, or better put, a side hustle.

 He sounded cool with it and told me to go ahead with it as it appeared nice instead of staying at home all day. wow! He communicated nicely this time o…lol… I sha went ahead to make inquiries on a place i could learn and i found a place in YABA. Everyone said it was one of the best in Lag so i bought the idea and paid online for it after visiting the place to check it out. That day, it was myself and my mum that drove down there so i was not too cool with the road but i told her i was going to find my way there somehow next time.

My first day at the training center, was one funny day, how i managed to get there was drama o, then it was time for me to go home, i just told myself that they were going to show me on Tv as missing somebody. It was already 6pm and i did not see any bus in view. I was looking tired and frustrated. I loked around me and saw a fine guy looking really cool waiting to get a bus as well, and i summoned courage and asked for help o, before i loss.

Please bros, good evening o. I’m lost please. I hope they don’t get to show me on Tv o.

” No, you cant be lost na, this is lagos o… no one gets missing. Provided you have your mouth”

We both laughed out loud as he cuts in again

“Okay dear, where are you headed?”

I was carried away with his fine boy swaggs that i did not hear him ask that until 10 seconds after he had asked. I was busy admiring his gap tooth and his well arranged dentition. I managed to respond shamefully my destination as he smiled and shook his head in pity because i was so far from home…

” You’re so not on track. I mean you would stayed here till dawn waiting for a vehicle and no one will come for you.

Really? OMG, please show me the right track. Don’t mind a typical JJC like me.

“No worries dear, i gat you”

He took me to the place i’d get a bus going my way and waited till  a vehicle came my way. Yayyyyyy, a bus finally showed up, in my mind, i was just hoping, he’d ask for my number as i wanted to see him again. I mean the guy fresh joo. Who no like good thing abeg…lol. As i was trying to get into the bus, i felt a warm touch on my back and i just loved the voice that came by with it…

“Please, can i at least have your number to ensure that you did not get missing after all?” He gave a warm smile as he told the conductor to chill a bit.

I hurriedly called out my number as other passengers made their way into the bus and we took off..

All through the journey home, i could not stop thinking about my short time with my new found friend and how cute he was so i called that scenario, that day and the both of us… YABA CONNECT!

There I was smiling to myself when i immediately remembered my cherricoco, Steve… i’m so sure he would have given me a missed call, i said to myself as i reached out for my phone and your guess is as good as mine. 10 missed calls… Na serious Gobbe be this one o as i get beta explanation to give o…


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