It all began in my final year in the university. You know the usual final year drama in school where everyone especially those who are not graduating come to you to get some of your properties that you won’t be needing anymore as they believe you’re automatically a big girl and will be getting new and better stuff. Since i attended a federal university and stayed off campus, there was so much to give out and a few to take home. Sincerely, i almost  did not live like a student at all; I was a big girl to the core. I ate what i felt like eating, bought stuff i loved provided it tickled my fancy. I attended parties and came back anytime i felt like as there was no daddy or mummy to ask plenty questions. I was not a bad girl o, don’t get it twisted, i just loved to fun it all and as a matter of fact i have had sex just twice and decided to stay low on it…abeg persin dey taya jare. I think i needed genuine and lasting relationship instead of just the random ones that ends with good byes. The two persons i had sex with were not my boyfriends sef;it was just a fling o…lol. Okay, i had one bobo like that in school “my cherri coco” as i fondly called him. We were so in love that we could not allow a day go by without seeing each other. He was not a student but worked in an accounting firm close to my school. Our meeting was coincidental and funny as i was just having a regular stroll with some friends that evening, he stopped us and demanded we gave him audience but since we were five and did not know which one of us he was calling plus we did not know him, we almost wanted to ignore him as one of us just stopped to listen to him and the rest of us continued to walk ahead, surprisingly, she screamed out our names and we chilled a bit for her,only for her to say it was me he wanted to speak with. Aaaaaargh, me?for what o?Do i know you please? as i looked at him with that “oga talk sharp sharp make i dey move abeg” but he starrred at me with a smile and the next thing he said was

GUY: Haba! A good evening would not be bad na”
ME: Oh! my bad… i am really sorry, please pardon my bad manners” I greeted him eventually and asked
ME: Bros, have we met before? As you can see, i was walking with my friends and wouldn’t want to keep them waiting for too long, if you know what i mean.

GUY: Okay, can i have your number since you are in a haste please?
He did not even finish his statement as i cut him half way
ME: My number again? Oga, i don’t know you eeeeeh, how do you expect me to give a total stranger my number…just like that…hmmm. I looked at him with a look of i’ll be leaving your sight soon if you waste my time again.

He pleaded and pleaded as i had no choice but to give him the number since my friends had moved so far away from me and i needed to catch up with them…Okay, okay, here we go, you can have my number since you can never give up; 0803345….

I ran fast to meet my friends and you trust those girls nau, “Babe na where you know that bobo from na” “The bobo fresh i no go lie” ” Abeg give am chance na, we don dey kuku beg you make you find one guy for school since 100l but you no gree” ” Omo no dull yourself o”. I told them sharp sharp that i did not know him o, but since i did not want them waiting for me for long and i saw them afar off, i gave him my number as he was pleading as though his life depended on it. We all laughed as i told them, the guy appeared reasonable but i did not want to conclude as sometimes first impressions could be falsely played or acted.

ME:You know these guys nau, they can pull any stunt just to toast a girl… We all laughed out loud as we returned tiredly to our rooms that night.

The next day, the bobo called and that was when we realized we had not introduced ourselves to each other.

Guy:I totally forgot to ask your name yesterday as you were so much in haste;please what is your name?
ME: I’m really sorry, my name is Danielle.
Guy: wow! what a beautiful name for a beautiful girl
As soon as i heard him say that i thought to myself that guys will always be guys. sweet mouthed beings.
Guy:Well, my name is Steven,but you can call me Steve.
It’s fine then. We talked a while that night and it was really a nice time as i was smiling and loving the mood. Anyways, to cut long story short, words led to words and days made us come closer to each other and the next i knew, we were really into each other and was in a serious relationship. It was what people call love nwantintin…he took good care of me and provided all i needed in school. He was a good guy but highly protective eeeeh. I loved him so much and decided to open my heart completely to him from that time till we graduated from school. He was an angel sent to me i must confess; he listened to my fears and encouraged me to stay strong. I loved to be in his arms as it was safe for me. Finally, love finally found me o.

But fear gripped my heart knowing i was graduating soonest and distance was going to creep in…


Do you think this is Danielle’s dream come true indeed?
Do you think Steven is going to stay true to her?
Do you think Distance will be their newest enemy?

…Find out in the next episode of YABA CONNECT.

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