The Thick skin man By Bright Duweni.

The Phrase “Nwoke bu ife” is an igbo phrase which literally translates to “A man is something”  and the phrase “ife Nwoke na afu”  is also an igbo phrase which means “What a man sees”. In the world at large and more particularly in Nigeria men are often subjected to responsibilities. A man is responsible for his siblings, a man is responsible for his family, a man is responsible for his parents when they grow old, even a growing man is responsible for his girlfriend.

These responsibilities come not just because you are educated, but because you are a man. So whether or not you are educated there are somethings u must do and must be because you are a man.
Nwoke bu ife: As I have pointed out earlier,  this means a man is something. Whether or not a man is irresponsible there is a level of respect such a person commands simply because he’s a man. A man is needed in a home for many reasons, a man is needed in leadership and lots more.  I am however not downplaying the importance of women in different places of life, all am saying is that Nwoke bu ife.
Ife Nwoke na fu: this simply means “what a man sees”
What a man sees in life is before modernity, a man had to be physically strong in order to survive and reproduce. Whether battling the  elements or other men, our ancestors had to rely only on their cunning and physical strength to come off as the conqueror. The men who tried to prove themselves in battles or hunts, dared to do great things, and had the physical strength to surmount any obstacle were the ones who were able to father children and pass on their genes. The ones who did not take the gamble, or did not have the strength and prowess of their peers, died childless, and their hapless genes died with them.
What this means is that we are all descended from the strongest, fastest, smartest, bravest men of the past — the world’s alpha male , and a man WHO DOES NOT HAVE A THICK SKIN can just die before his time.  Men in this present day Nigeria should have Thick Skins so that they would not be easily pierced by the necessities of life. Their defenses should be very high so that nothing would be able to penetrate them.

A man with thick skin would be able to shoulder the storm when they arise.
A man should be able to stand strong in times of adversaries
What a man sees in life is seriously big and a man without Skin strong enough to withstand the issues of a man’s responsibilities would give up before his time…
So as you grow into a man,it is expedient that you groom a thick skin…

Thank you so much Bright for sending your article;i totally agree with this piece. I mean, men are strong o, with many expectations on them and they still ensure we are fine. We appreciate your efforts and we know you sure need a thick skin to do all the things you do.

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