Don’t be like me…

Don’t be like me o… just be better. This article is to give you that chill pill. Learn to be yourself and do what you have passion for. Don’t do what others are doing simply because you see them making waves in it. If it’s not your calling, you will end up wasting time and resources like me.
Okay, sincerely i love how someone can just put a fabric down, shred it and then put it together and it comes out really beautiful at the end of the day. I always imagined how they did it and out of curiosity  and little passion for it, boom! I wanted to dive in o.. see me thinking it’s a child’s play eeeh, i tried learning it after graduating from the university, but e no gree enta. i felt maybe i needed to try again this time from a more reliable fashion house, but it was another flop again. Everything seemed crazy, especially the part where you have to loosen a dress you have made just because you made a mistake and it did not come out the way it ought to… aaaarghhhhh, very frustrating i must confess. I was actually doing it this time during my NYSC period so you can imagine how stressful it was; after my PPA duties, i move straight to the spot for the training, but kai, i just wasted my time then, i was just trying to do what i had little passion for. I always came back home stressed and wishing i will never have to go back there…lol. My dear, if you don’t have much passion for something, don’t venture into it o, hence you will not get the desired result from it. Passion is highly needed in anything you want to do in life. I don’t struggle to write(I mean i can write anything i put my heart to), i don’t struggle to act any role you give me or even direct a stage play, i don’t even struggle to make children smile or touch lives, but there i was struggling with another person’s passion. I wish i did not have to waste those times anyways. I envy those who are good in it and making money from it, you guys are really amazing. I wanted to borrow your passion for a minute, but e no work eeeh. 
What am i trying to say? If you don’t have passion, by passion i mean what will keep you motivated as you go through the learning process, please do not go into it o. It’s easy for them because they have passion for it. We live in a world where everyone wants to do what everyone is doing… even when they have little or no passion for it sef, all i do is smile when i see them following the crowd. You see someone doing catering stuff, you jump in… You see them doing make up stuff, “omo, i think that’s the way now o” haba! things don’t work that way… First and foremost, do you have passion for it? I remember how i have always longed to own my own dry cleaning outlet even if i needed to start small, it did not matter, i just knew i had this passion for it so i started making plans to set it up and today we are protecting something in that regard. When i wanted to set it up, i heard stuff enough to discourage me,especially that it’s a man’s job, bla bla bla, but there i was with 100% passion for it and you know how one can be determined to do something they have passion for… i delved into it and i have no regrets at all as i’m doing what i love.
Passion makes it easier for you… so my advice is this, have passion first before you venture into anything. That someone is making money from a particular thing does not automatically guarantee you for quick cash from it, you might work out your ass and get nothing from it. Just be wise and passionate. Don’t be like me o… i still feel like i should give it another try,lol,but lailai, i won’t anymore. I’ll pay to look fine instead,biko, i cannot comman kee myself o. 
Sincerely i admire all the fashion designers out there;keep doing great stuff with the scissors and making us look janded. Okay, this is where i draw the curtain close for today. Don’t forget to drop a comment, share this article and also subscribe to my blog to get notified when i drop a new article. See you shortly. Always remember to wear a smile.

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