“My name is Katherine with the K.”

Hello everyone, i must apologize for the silence since my last post;my foundation had me locked down with her back to school outreach. Oh yeah, it went well and we successfully took back 29 children to their classrooms. So you have my full attention here now. I know you missed reading my articles so i’m here to drop another insightful one, especially for my beautiful queens. I’m sorry guys, but you can share with your loved ones and family members who are females.

Okay, let’s roll with the article about Katherine with the K… I’ll write in form of a story, but stay with me till my last full stop.

My name is Katherine Elliot. I am from a family of four, my mum, my dad and my younger brother. I am from that kind of family where everything must be done rightly. We grew up using our diction always, sitting right(in public and at home, you need to cross your legs), pray morning and at night, say the truth always even if you will be caned for it, work hard to become best in all you do, especially as it concerned education. I remember one time when i came second in class, i feared to go home as i imagined what would be of me that day… surprisingly, i got home to the warm embrace of my parents encouraging me to try harder and never loose focus. Hmmmm, is this really coming from my parents? I actually thought they were going to spank me for not coming top in class as always. Wow! I loved them more from that day. Of a truth, i love my parents and i never want to disappoint them at all, so i tried harder from that time and never lost their praises. When asked what my name is, I respond MY NAME IS KATHERINE WITH THE K… hehehehe, i know you might be wondering why i have to lay emphasis on Katherine with the K,well my mum thought me so. My mum is a typical example of a super polished and organised woman. Okay, let me correct an impression here that might be flowing through your head; “i think this Katherine is from a well to do family” or maybe something close to that, i must tell you this that we are from a regular family who can at least have a three square meal and live in our own three bedroom apartment in Lagos(not island o, one of the lugun in Mainland) but trust me when i say my parents always ensured that we are fine and never lack our basic necessities for living right. They told us(I and my brother) that they may not give us all we wish for and want, but they intend giving us a good life and lovely memory with them before we choose our paths in life. Trust me when i say i wish t have my parents in my next life as life is just cool with them. I grew with all they taught me and never dropped any of the things i was thought, even when i got admission into Unilag to study my dream course and was far away from home, i stayed put to all I’ve been taught. Off course i met people who cared less about their diction(pidgin language was the official language there) but i stayed tuned with my diction, sometimes they laugh at me and call me ajebutter(someone who is from a wealthy home), but i smiled at them and wondered why they had such a myopic mindset. I met people who cared less about the morals and etiquette given to them by their parents. One person that got me surprised was my first friend in school, Josephine; She was from a proper ajebutter home where they had it all figured out and she was 100% polished but how she lost everything still baffles me as she longer could use her diction well or apply her etiquette as a lady or even stick to the morals given to her by her parents;she lost it all and it ended in regrets… I think i should just pause here for now.


Now, i wrote this story on the spot and the idea is to buttress on some points…

  • First and foremost, our parents try so hard to bring us up well. That they are not wealthy is not a criteria for you to forget how you were raised or mess up. you must try to live right no matter what. peradventure your parents had little or no time/little or no knowledge at all to have given you the good life while growing up, try and do it yourself so you can be the best parent to your off springs.
  • Secondly is this: Making friends. This is one reason some ladies forget who they are suddenly. In the quest to feel among, but this is not cool. Be different as a lady. Stand alone if it requires you to join the wrong clique. Truth is at the end of the day, some friends who make us forget who we are, may not be there with us forever. They sometimes leave… and it leaves you regretting for the rest of your life. Never forget who you are when trying to make or keep friends;keep good company and never forget how you were raised.

  • Thirdly, Finding Love: So many ladies miss it all at this point. When a lady is at this point in her life, hmmm,anything goes. Just to be in the arms of the one she loves, she can do anything, even if it requires putting on a new self she is not proud of. Finding love is not easy, finding genuine love is more difficult. Now i want to ask you this today, if you have to put on a new self you  are not proud of just to find love, what self would you need to  find and keep genuine love? Okay, while i await tour response, let me just say something  in that regard. If  you loose yourself in finding love, it would be difficult to find true love. You don’t need to loose yourself to be with someone. As a matter of fact, some of those relationships you loose yourself for do not lead to marriage or end well.. You must be wise when it comes to finding love; wiser when it comes to finding genuine love. Do not loose yourself in the process of finding love. Every girl/lady finds this stage of their life confusing and frustrating. I just want to use this medium to advice our ladies to always remember who they are no matter the situation they find themselves. There is so much i’d love to say in this regard, but i’ll just stop here for now.
Just like the brief story i shared in this article, Katherine with the K, is still a a lady out there who has decided to stay put to her true identity and is also determined to stand alone if that is what it entails. Just like her, you can choose to be different as a lady… When asked what her name is, she boldly responds “My name is Katherine with the K”. Whatever, your name is, be bold enough to tell it out. She still feels that as a lady, you need to sit properly(with your legs crossed) or not revealing your laps, she also believes that, you speak well(I mean the right diction), you should also dress decently, find your passion and fulfill your dreams, be spiritually alert and never forget who you are as you go through  life. I wish you the very best in all you do… see you shortly, but do not forget to please leave a comment. Always remember the world is waiting to reckon with your uniquenes,find it!

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