WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR? Think… Think… Think. There is at least one reason you should be grateful to God for. Forget about the things that you have not gotten yet and start thanking God for the things you have. Today, i am making this post just to express my gratitude to God Almighty because He deserves it all. When i’m done thanking Him, please do not hesitate to do yours. Feel free to leave a grateful comment here also.

  • Today, i am grateful for my childhood. I mean everything that happened to me and how God saw me through. Times when we had little or no food to eat but somehow food came through. The times  i fell seriously ill that got my parents worried sick but somehow i got my groove back again. When payment of school fees came but there was no much money for that and we got worried that we might be sent home from school or not allowed to take exams; but God did it His own way and i scaled through that phase; I’m grateful to Him. For the many times i almost got into trouble as a child but God vindicated me somehow. I am grateful for that phase of my life from the depth of my heart.
  • I am grateful for how He saw me through during my adolescent phase when i needed to make certain decisions that concerned my life.
  • I am grateful for how He saw me through the university…
  • I am grateful for saving me from wrong associations and how he gave me the wisdom to align rightly 
  • I am grateful for the relationships that did not work out
  • I am grateful for the salvation of my soul 
  • I am grateful for the grace to find purpose and still treading in the path of fulfilling it till date
  • I am grateful for my Foundation
  • I am grateful for my business
  • I am grateful for my genuine friends and familymembers
  • I am grateful for health
  • I am grateful for wisdom, knowledge and understanding
  • I am grateful for my husband
  • I am grateful for my children unborn
  • I am grateful for all that i have been through and how i overcame…
  • I am grateful for where i am and where i am headed
  • I am most grateful for YOU!
So tell me, what are you grateful for? Think…

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