You Need A Mirror… Find out why.

I know someone is wondering what i’m up to with this post today, i just need you to follow me closely. I am about to share with you a secret that has helped me come this far as a person. When i thought of having a blog, i promised myself that it was going to be exceptional as i would only write captivating and insightful things… i mean things that will be worth reading and not the usual things you see everywhere. Trust me when i say you are here for good.

I wish you a happy new month first and foremost. If you are someone who follows my posts, you are sure not new to my nuggets every 1st of the month.

Okay we all know that mirrors are really cool to have in our houses, handbags and so on. Mirrors tell you a lot, it helps you check yourself to know if you are properly dressed;i mean if your clothes fit and your make up is on fleek. Mirrors are friends you can’t bade goodbye to just anyhow, you always need them. It’s funny how i can actually dress up and since i’m not a regular makeup person, i can just hit the road… I know nothing is wrong at the end of the day but that does not dispute the fact that mirrors are cool to have or use. Here is why i made this post today.

You need a mirror for the following reasons. Feel free to include yours.

You need a mirror to make you feel good about yourself. You see, there is something i have come to realize and that is the fact that what you feel about yourself is what others see, If you look into the mirror and you see something you do not like, all you need to do is work on it. Do not ever allow what you see ruin your smile. When you see a reflection of you in the mirror, do well to smile. Love yourself enough that you crush on yourself once in a while;it’s very much allowed. I do it a lot and it has helped me build my self confidence. I tell myself how amazing i am and how great i’ll end up in life. I remind myself of the many battles i have overcome thus far and the many victories that await me and you know the truth, it leaves me smiling and feeling good about myself. If you do not feel good about yourself, the world will perceive it somehow, so you should never loose that smile of yours when you look into the mirror.

Another reason you need a mirror is that mirrors help you ponder. Sometimes, i stay in front of the mirror and stare for a while without uttering a word. I don’t know if that happens to you, but i seldom do it. Probably i have a lot going through my mind and i have not decided on who to speak to about it, i just look into the mirror, sometimes soliloquize…OMG, that can be crazy at times but it helps you think of a possible solution or who you can call to share your thoughts with especially if it’s disturbing and needs urgent attention.  Sometimes,just stare at the mirror. Let the thoughts flow. They may not be all that good, but i think you need that chill at that time. As a matter of fact, it’s a reflection of you right there so brace up and love you no matter how you feel. Cry if you want to, smile if you can, stay speechless if that will help, whatever decision you take is absolutely fine;i stay chilled in front of the mirror too so it’s not a complete weird thing to do.

Okay, this right here can be really funny but helpful. Have you ever been so mad at someone that you feel like breaking their head? I can attest to this a million times! I don’t want to believe there is someone out there who has never gotten angry or gotten to this point in his/her life. You must have gotten angry at some point and almost lost it or probably lost it. I know you did not like the feeling of you loosing it at the end of the day because most times, you end up destroying things and loosing important things or people as the case may be. Okay, let me share a scenario that happened to me back in the university. Someone in class offended me on this fateful day and i knew that if  i had stayed there to vent my anger, the whole class would have marveled at my reaction as i was always cool,calm and collected…hehehe.. this is me hyping myself anyways, but i was a peaceful babe sha. Okay, fast forward to what happened… I pleaded that i needed to leave as i did not want them to see that part of me, i left for my room and the atmosphere was cool for a drama that You see that lady in the picture, she is very calm eeeeh. I was proper acting a movie, moving up and down, expressing myself, speaking and expecting to get a response from the mirror on why someone will just piss a young pretty me off.  I sincerely wish i can act the drama for you again just so you get my point but i’m very sure you get my point. Now someone might be wondering if that helped, oh yes, it sure did. When my friends came to my room, i had calmed down and it was just a little part of it left which i shared with them…lol. it’s okay to get angry, but it is unwise to vent irrationally. I’m glad i know this truth today as it has helped me a lot. Just get a mirror, look into it as though that was the person that offended you, then speak all you can. One good thing is that no one plays a record of all you said as the mirror keeps no record. Feel free to speak to the person if the mirror did not help that much, but ensure to do it wisely.

You had a bad day or someone made you feel bad, get a mirror and confide in it. It can help you feel better. Even if you cry in front of the mirror, ensure to smile when you leave the mirror so you can feel good at least. Crying in front of the mirror can be really funny though…lol. you will just see how funny you look with your mouth wide opened and tears dropping profusely. I do not like the view it all,but the mirror is a trusted friend any day.

The mirror reveals your true personality to you. It does not say a wrong thing about you as your true self shows in your reflection anytime you look into the mirror. Your reflection reminds you of how far you have come and where you should be aiming at. We need a mirror for keeps in times of any of the mentioned scenarios. Mirrors say a lot i must confess, but i would advise you to stay with the right things only from the mirror when it reminds you of many pains and few gains.

Alright this is where i say ciaociao till i come again with another insightful article. I hope this has helped so far. Do have a great day and a lovely month ahead.

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