Truths You Can Relate With: Say Nothing At All. Article2

Sometimes, this can be really difficult but you have to try. Oftentimes, people believe that you must vent anger or speak in volume to buttress your point, but i tell you this today that, that is actually wrong.  Sometimes, all you need to do is say nothing at all. It is not until you win an argument that you become the winner of the situation or argument, as a matter of fact what will the wining bring to you? Why speak, if you end up loosing them after the argument… Why do you waste time and energy explaining how you feel to people who even care less about your feelings… They act like they really care and show so much concern but i wish you knew their hearts towards you.

Personally, i used to get very angry and say my mind; like all of it. But i tell you sincerely, the me now does not even say a word. It’s not like i don’t get angry, but i have learnt how to calm my nerves and ask myself questions before i react to situations. One of the questions i ask myself is , Ebi, do you really need this right now? To what end is the argument or anger? Does the person deserve to see you mad or listen to the words you will say in this mood? Before i ask these questions in my mind, somehow, the feeling subsides and i may wear smile even if it’s pretentious; at least i said nothing. Some persons really want to hear the words that will protrude out of your mouth and then use it against you afterwards. Try to say nothing at all.

Off course, i still get mad at people, but i have just a few persons that deserve to see me in that mood and that’s because they are not after the things i did not say right… They know i’m pissed off and i’ll be fine after a little bit of that….lol. My dear, it took me a while to know that just a few really deserve to see you angry or hear you say somethings when you are angry. Now i know better, i act right by not saying nothing at all.

Okay, it is also dangerous at times because the feeling resides in your heart and it might make you take rash decisions or hurt them afterwards, so what you need to do is stay calm for that moment, leave the atmosphere that got you pissed if you can;only for a while tho, then return with a calmer mind just to express how you felt. This works like magic, you can give it a try.

When a wise man said ” Anger is a small madness so do nothing when you’re angry because what you will spoil will be more than what caused your anger” some of us took it lightly, but that is totally correct. You will be glad you had not said those words if you just managed your emotions. It’s better to learn now than to regret later. Say nothing at all if what you will say will hurt the other person or leave a life time reminder. I’m a whole lot better today as i have learnt to manage my anger and sieve what i must say, that is if i need to. I’ll see you shortly again with another truth you can relate with. Please, take good care of you always.

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