Truths You Can Relate With. Article1

Today’s post promises to be as real as possible, but you and i are going to make it work. I have lived on planet earth for a while now and i want to say i have learnt a whole lot from life; comprising of the good and bad. I’m here to share some of them with you and i am also looking forward to hearing from you… feel free to add your life’s lesson at the end of this post. Let’s roll.

The first thing i want to talk about is YOU.
Everything at the end of the day depends on you. The choices you make and the result of your decisions all fall back to you. You must be careful as to how you treat You. Never put people first in life. I learnt the hard way on this. You must be okay to look out for others. Now i’m not talking about food and money. Are you happy? Do you give more than you receive? If yes, you will only get drained and as soon as those you were giving come to the understanding that you are drained, they flee to the next available source. That’s life my dear so you need to think and care about you first.

Okay let me give you a scenario: You live in a small village with your family where the only source of water is a well and you guys have a place you fetch from, as a matter of fact everyone in that village fetches from that well but no one cares to dig the well so the water can flow more and never go dry,.. what do you think will happen to that well? It is bound to go dry from time to time then eventually.

Now, if one day you find out that the well you fetch from is gradually going dry, as a matter of fact the water does not flow so well and it is not as clean as it used to be and you hear of a new well that was dug few weeks ago, though quite far, but the water from the well is clean…

please be sincere, what will you do? If i were to be the one, i won’t mind going so far just so i can get a better water. So it is with people, as soon as they find out they cannot get what they used to get from you again, they bade you goodbye with no second thought. The well in my scenario can never dig itself to be better or flow better; but we as human beings can do much more for ourselves. Learn to put yourself first, love yourself enough, be patient with yourself, take your decisions by yourself, say no if you want to, say yes if you think it’s best for you, further your education if you want to, get married if you need to, stay low if you think it’s necessary. Whatever makes YOU happy, please do not deprive yourself true happiness. Stay healthy, look pretty, build meaningful friendships or even if it’s just one, have a plan for your life, find purpose, get a job or start a business, ask for help when necessary. Do not be too busy looking out for others while you need it more. It all begins with you and sometimes you might need to stand alone. Tell me, if you stand alone today, will you still be happy with the YOU you neglected? YOU FIRST!

If one person or two persons had  dug the well at some point or once in a while, it would not have gone dry. They probably felt it was not necessary. That’s exactly how life is, people believe you will always be fine even when you do so much; if you are not wise, you might end up drained like the well in my little scenario. I hope this inspires you.

I will stop here for today, but i have other truths i will be sharing with you before the end of this month, so stay tuned to view my next truth you can relate with. Fell free to share yours.  See you shortly. Do take good care of You.

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